Friday, March 21, 2014

SPANKED Sexy BiColor Mini Dress

Sexy Bicolor Mini Dress works with all mesh implants such as Lolas Tango/Mirage, iBoobs, vString, Boops, Lush and Tiny Things.

Comes with appliers for Phat Azz and Sking Brazilia mesh booties.

Prim and rigged mesh skirt included. * Rigged skirt is made to work with standard SL avatar and will require some texture tweaking on your end to fit mesh asses.
Come get yours at SPANKED @

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

.:Twilight Farm:. Bringing Back The Moo

Some of you may be familiar with Mused Milk Made and some of you may not. The Mused Milk Made system takes it example from an early popular Second Life game called Blood Lines. The big difference however is no blood and no biting. Well, that depends on if you get too close to a feeding Moo mouth LOL!

Milk Made is a costly game to play and will set you back a whopping $2,500 L just for the implants and pump tank. Then there is the cost of buying storage tanks, grass, drugs and other things you will inevitably need along your journey as a Moo. In my opinion this price point has prevented Milk Made from going viral in Second Life. Moo sims and farms have been closing and the future was looking pretty grim for the game..... until Twilight Farms.

Twilight Farms is a half sim farm owned and run by Priscilla Dreadlow and her lovely Moo assistants Mangena and Moojolaine. Together they managed to create a lovely picturesque farm surrounded by tall mountains, flowing rivers and ponds. The atmosphere at Twilight farms is light hearted and fun and geared more towards true Moo role play and less on just Moo sex. I appreciate not being hit on every 2 minutes by every bull that trots through looking to mate LOL.

They have also created a social network called MooPec, which is a group described as: "Mused Milk Co-op. Hucow and all milk users. Discuss and arrange Milk, Tank and Consumable Sales. Also advertise events for the mused community run by your families."  This is a much needed network that hopefully will revitalize the buying and selling industry of Milk Made. Mused would be wise to take notice of these girls as they spearhead a new era of fun role play for all Moo, Farmers, Bulls and milk drinkers. I know they have me hooked as Twilight Farm is where you'll find me a lot lately.... grazing in the fields or just sitting and lactating with my sisterhood of Moo.

On a side note I'd like to see Mused Milk Made Grass and Hormone timers stop counting down when we log or crash. After all..... we paid for the time. (ok rant over tee hee ^^)

Stop by Twilight farms located at: See you there ;)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

How to Make a Mused Milk Made HUD

Hello all my Milk loving friends! Today I'm going to cover a little trick taught to me by my lovely friend and lover Turi! How to make a Milk Made HUD!

Now why would you want to make a Milk Made HUD? Well, carrying around a big tank all the time is quite cumbersome and doesn't always go with the latest fashions ^^. Also, If you like wearing other breast implants like I do this is a great way to keep on producing milk any time you like without having to actually wear the Milk Made implants. So let's get started....

Note: If you aren't very good at building or just feeling lazy stop by SPANKED Skins & Fashion to get your FREE Full Perm pre-made HUD. All you have to do is add scripts and wear ;)

Step #1 You'll need to start with rezzing 4 prims and arranging them one on top, one in the back and one in front. The dimensions of the middle prim are x=0.0685 y=0.0685 z=0.0350. The other prims just eye ball it according to the picture. Link all 4 prims with the middle prim as the root.

Step #2 You'll need to get the scripts from your Milk Made HUD, Hovertext and Boobs. Just rez them on the ground and extract the scripts. The scripts you want are: backpack_tank, set_text, mm_support and mm_breast_brain. Create a folder in your inventory and put these scripts in there for safe keeping.

Step #3 Time to install the scripts into your HUD. Use the color coded prims picture below as a guide. Place the Backpack_tank script in the middle (Blue) prim. The set_text script into the top (Red) prim then finally the mm_support and mm_breast_brain into the back (White) prim. The front prim is your HUD picture. Any picture you want can go there. I used a cute Anime Moo for mine :P

Step #4 Make all prims except the front prim fully transparent. You can use the full trans texture I included I the pack or just set transparency to 100.

Step #5 Take the hud into your inventory, make a copy then attach the HUD to your desired location. I attached mine to Top Left. Right click edit the HUD and adjust its location on your screen and PRESTO!!! You are done!

Now you have a completely self contained Mused Milk Made system you can run all day long without anyone ever knowing. If you want to wear your Milk made Boobs simply get rid of the back prim (the one with the boob scripts). I included a picture below. Once you have the hud done and placed click on the hud and you'll see all the normal pump tank options menu show up. Do a test pump and you'll see the hovertext above the HUD turn blue showing that it's working. Enjoy your new HUD! If you appreciate this tutorial send me (Shayna Korobase) an $L tip. Happy Milking!