Monday, December 26, 2011

Ash Does it Again

A while back I wrote a review of Blue Galaxy and the creations of Ash Soyinka. Well Ash has done it again with new avatar and clothing releases using the latest advances in MESH.

While shopping on the secondlife market place for anything "mesh avatar" I stumble upon a skin made for a new avatar called "Blue Galaxian". I immediately teleported to the Blue Galaxy main store and sim and found the new avatars and clothing.... picked my color and made my purchases. I couldn't wait to get home so I unboxed the avatar right there and tried it on. I am amazed at how good this avatar is. Worth a HECK of a lot more then the measly $1,000Ls this avatar shows again why Blue Galaxy creations are one of the most popular avatars in secondlife. But there's more.....

Ash gives you FREE full permission PSD files of the skins and clothes so you can create and customize your own look. As always his message of "be creative" rings true even in the world of mesh where customizing is near impossible and rarely done outside the main creator. So I opened my PhotoShop and went to work adding a few "details" my naked kitty just HAD to have...*WINKS*

A word of note on textures in mesh. There are many mesh avatar creators popping up in SL and a small number understand the importance of fast rezzing and low lag textures. Every texture that Ash creates is not only high detail (like you see in most high quality pictures,) but also low lag and fast rezzing. There is no "blurry now wait" with his textures and that makes this blogger very happy.

So stop by Blue Galaxy ASAP and get yourself the "Blue Galaxian" avatar. You'll be glad you did..... I am.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Implants Discrimination?

In real life we all know that breast implants, otherwise known as fake boobs exist. Some love'em.... some hate'em. But never have I ever heard of a case of implant discrimination in a nudist resort no matter how large the implants may be. But why am I bringing this up?

In the world of SecondLife everything is "fake".... and we like it that way. Nothing is real..... NO ONE looks like the avatar they have created and there's a reason for that. It's our "Second Life". In real life I'm pretty confident in saying we're not all 6 foot 7 inches tall with perfectly shaped fat free bodies and live in sky boxes. But in SL almost everyone is a GOD or GODDESS with perfect hair, makeup and complexion to match. Not everyone in real life has really large or even extremely large fake boobs.... but they exist.

About a year ago I went to a Nudist Resort in SL. Now to avoid legal action I will not tell you who they are but... they aren't hard to find *winks*. I was wearing my Lolas Natural Implants and had them set to about a size of 42-DD. I teleported to a nudist resort I had heard of and strolled around the entrance. I read all the notecard rules and determined I was not too large or as they say "overly sexual". Now before I go on.... "overly sexual"?!?! Isn't being nude and showing off your bits to everyone sexual enough? what exactly is "overly sexual"? I'm confused. Anyway... I paid the membership fee and entered the sim hassle free for a few days. Then one day wearing the EXACT same sized implants I get an IM from a "Beach Guard" telling me I'm too large and "overly sexual" and need to down size my apparently enormous fake boobs. Weird.... girls with implants don't go to nudist resorts in real life? So we discussed it and the guard wouldn't budge so I left the group and was not refunded my money... which I didn't expect anyway.

A few months later my friend tells me that this same nudist resort relaxed a bit on their "no fake boobs" rule and so I decided to show up again wearing the exact same size implants but this time my Icons. I went right up to the nearest guard and asked if "these" were fine.... they said they were and so I rejoined and enjoyed the sim for about 2 months..... until today.

I get a notice about a little beach party they are having and I decide to show up wearing my Christmas hat, basket and candy canes. The people there said hello and everything was fine... then the IM comes telling me I'm too large and need to down size. This time I argue a little that I was told the rules have changed and so on... again... they wont budge... I'm wrong and they are right. So again I left... quit the group... no refund. But this time... never to return.

Now after reading this some of you might be thinking that it's their sim and they have a right to run it any way they please and I agree with you 100%. I was upset at first but now I'm much more calm about it and decided to post this little "adventure" of mine. However I will say this: To all of you lovers of implants. DON'T change who you are to enter a sim. YOU are the customer. YOU are the traffic. YOU are the ones who spread the word when you like a sim or not. If you find a sim that discriminates against Implants then don't support them. If these so called nudist resorts can't comprehend the fact that real life nudist resorts have women with implants then they don't deserve our business. We are a large and powerful community and I for one am VERY proud to be a part of it. So to all you implant lovers I say..... Wear those Tig-ol'-Bitties loud and proud and NEVER change who you are for ANYONE!

Hmmm... maybe I need larger ones now *winks* ;P