Thursday, July 26, 2012


My dear sweet friend Amethist sent me an LM to a placed called Humanoid. It was so awesome I just had to take some snapshots. Check out the pictures on my Flickr Page.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Store Owner Ethics or Lack Thereof

Originally I blew this off and wasn't going to say anything other then to a few close friends. But then Stacia Zabaleta (my SL partner) told me she started getting them too. What did her and I both get you ask?...... SPAM!!!

Let me start off by saying as an SL content creator it is my deepest desire to get my products noticed by as many people as possible. As store owners we try all kinds of marketing strategies from mailing lists, groups, greeters, posters, notecards and many many more. But where exactly is the line separating us from store owners with ethics who are trying to sell our wares, to store owners without ethics who will resort to spamming to get what we want? Keep reading.....

The vendor system I personal use is CasperVend. In my opinion Casper is the best vendor system in Second Life but I'm sure others have their preferences as well. Casper offers some incredible features like single prim multi-function vendors and Lucky Prize Chairs. Another great feature of Casper is the ability to send anyone who has purchased from you updates via the Casper website. It truly is a great system but unfortunately some users abuse the system to spam constant daily advertisements.

The Casper websites update section states "This system is not intended to be used for broadcasting marketing messages, it is intended for product updates. If you choose to send marketing messages without first establishing an agreement with the recipients, you could be in violation of the grid terms of service." You can't miss this either. it's not like it's some hidden clause on the Update page of Casper that vendors "accidentally" overlook. It's as plain as the nose on your face..... yet.... some vendors ignore it.

Now why am I writing this? Well a few months back I visited a store called NOYA and made some purchases. Really good product and I was and am happy with what I purchased. But then I started getting advertisements regularly and in increasing intervals. Now when this happens my normal routine is to contact the seller and politely ask them to remove me from the list I never joined. And 99.9% of the time they are understanding and remove me with little to zero attitude...... but not NOYA. But we'll get to that in a moment.....

I also started getting advertisement spam from LAPARIE who I discovered is another name brand of NOYA under an alt. I sent LAPARIE a message asking the same thing but never got a response and continued to get spam on a consistent basis.

So back to NOYA. When I contacted NOYA she claimed I apparently "enjoyed" the gifts she sent via the mailing list and that I am a customer. Well... yeah... I was a customer of a few items however I usually turn down group gifts I never signed up for. But that's not the point now is it? When I said to her "I don't know if I accepted the gifts or not but I only like getting mail from groups I actually join thanks :)" and yes I put a smiley face on it.... her response was a single word. That word.... was "muted"

I was shocked to say the least but I assumed that maybe she took me off her lists. I was wrong. I continued to get spam messages from both NOYA and LAPARIE. So I did what any smart person SHOULD do when being harassed. No... I didn't visit her store and spam yell at everyone about her nasty ethics nor did I resort to fighting fire with fire by spamming her alts and bots. No.... instead... I started documenting every single advertisement in notecard form and reporting each incident to Linden Labs. After a few weeks of this I muted her and her alt LAPARIE. I could have muted them from the start...... but the reports just had to be made.

The sad thing about this is I will NEVER shop at her store again. I am quite the shopaholic and when I become loyal to a store I practically buy out their entire inventory. But my Linden dollars will not be going into her pockets. Nor will I recommend her store to any of my friends or group members. Does she care? Probably not..... but with the hundreds of high quality clothing stores out there I have plenty to choose from.

The moral of the story is..... good ethics equal loyal customers. Bad ethics equal bad reviews from bloggers like me ;)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

αмєтμєѕイ Photo Shoot

My new friend and fellow blogger αмєтμєѕイ took some pictures of me and also posted a blog. You can see the pictures at: Flickr and read the blog at Apecks Expose. Oh and have I mentioned how ADORABLE she is? tee hee ^^

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bunneh & Stinky Kitty

I love my bunny avatar from Kani. Recently I love for it was reignited when another Bunneh visiting my store was also wearing kani along with this super cute mesh outfit by Stinky Kitty .

If you visit the Stinky Kitty main store you can hunt for this 6 peace complete mesh outfit and get it FREE!!! It wasn't easy to find and for the 6th item I had to call in for help HAHA!

My complete outfit is as followed:
Mesh outfit from Stinky Kitty
Boobs and Kini top from ~FB~
Boots from Dino Hallard
Bunny Avatar from Kani
Hair from Truth
Sculpt hands from Red Poly (full perm)

Check out the rest of my cute Bunneh pictures at my Flickr Page.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Constructive Criticism or Being a BITCH?

Today I answered a group IM (in a completely unrelated group) for a girl needing a healer in some combat sim. She TP'ed me to her and we had a little chit chat about what the sim was. She said "I need a nice BUSTY healer to follow me around" and then kept asking me if I'd do it. I was hesitant at first (a usual precaution) and wanted to get to know the sim a little better. But she kept asking. I repeated that I wanted to wait then she said "don't you like make spanked skins or something?" This is where it got weird......

I said yes and then she said "the new mesh spanked skins make me look like a dude in the face". I was a little shocked but I accept criticism pretty well. But that was not the end of it... she had more to say. I wont post it here but let's just say she was a tad bit abusive and I honestly think.... insane.

As my new friend said to me when I told her this story "She is a commoner." In this case I agree.... and the girl/guy... who knows... was promptly muted.

Here's the funny part. Here's what I asked my friend after doing some digging:

[09:21] Shayna Korobase: well here's the funny part....
[09:21] Shayna Korobase: the original skin pack costs 1200L..... you NEED it if you want to use the mesh skin add on pack she is talking about. Here's where it gets better,.....
[09:22] Shayna Korobase: she already owned the 1200L pack and had been wearing it for months. Why buy the add on skin if you didn't like the original skin face?
[09:22] Shayna Korobase: does that make any sense?
[09:24] Shayna Korobase: she bought my original skin back in July of 2011. The mesh skin was not released until May of 2012. So again I must ask..... why would she buy the add on if for the last YEAR... she didn't like the faces of my skins? LMAO

Stupid truly is as stupid does I guess. HAHA... epic fail. ;)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Selfish People: HELP Find This Hair

Every once in a while you come across someone who is well...... selfish. Recently I was hanging out at my favorite biker sim MotorWorld and a regular there was wearing really nice mesh hair. Let me pause a moment and say the ONE thing that really bugs me about mesh is that you can't right click and inspect to see the creator. Anyway.... so I asked this person where she got her hair and she said something like this "I don't like when people out of the blue ask me what I'm wearing. Sorry....". she then followed with "People clone my look all the time".  She refused to tell me where she got it.

Now I understand and respect her point of view however wasn't she being a little selfish? I mean... I wasn't asking where she got her skin, clothes, eyes, tattoos or anything like that..... just hair. So I said "OK well I thought you'd be cool and tell me. I mean.... look at me... do I look like someone who will clone you?" Mind you I had on my BosomMesh Big Udders body, I'm almost 7 foot tall and I was wearing all stars and stripes for the 4th of July LOL!

I decided to look for the hair and with zero results. I looked on the MarketPlace and in world and so far I can't find them. So I ask you my friends and readers.... have you seen this hair? If you have send me an IM inworld. And to the selfish people out there... Karma is a bitch ;)