Monday, December 26, 2011

Ash Does it Again

A while back I wrote a review of Blue Galaxy and the creations of Ash Soyinka. Well Ash has done it again with new avatar and clothing releases using the latest advances in MESH.

While shopping on the secondlife market place for anything "mesh avatar" I stumble upon a skin made for a new avatar called "Blue Galaxian". I immediately teleported to the Blue Galaxy main store and sim and found the new avatars and clothing.... picked my color and made my purchases. I couldn't wait to get home so I unboxed the avatar right there and tried it on. I am amazed at how good this avatar is. Worth a HECK of a lot more then the measly $1,000Ls this avatar shows again why Blue Galaxy creations are one of the most popular avatars in secondlife. But there's more.....

Ash gives you FREE full permission PSD files of the skins and clothes so you can create and customize your own look. As always his message of "be creative" rings true even in the world of mesh where customizing is near impossible and rarely done outside the main creator. So I opened my PhotoShop and went to work adding a few "details" my naked kitty just HAD to have...*WINKS*

A word of note on textures in mesh. There are many mesh avatar creators popping up in SL and a small number understand the importance of fast rezzing and low lag textures. Every texture that Ash creates is not only high detail (like you see in most high quality pictures,) but also low lag and fast rezzing. There is no "blurry now wait" with his textures and that makes this blogger very happy.

So stop by Blue Galaxy ASAP and get yourself the "Blue Galaxian" avatar. You'll be glad you did..... I am.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Implants Discrimination?

In real life we all know that breast implants, otherwise known as fake boobs exist. Some love'em.... some hate'em. But never have I ever heard of a case of implant discrimination in a nudist resort no matter how large the implants may be. But why am I bringing this up?

In the world of SecondLife everything is "fake".... and we like it that way. Nothing is real..... NO ONE looks like the avatar they have created and there's a reason for that. It's our "Second Life". In real life I'm pretty confident in saying we're not all 6 foot 7 inches tall with perfectly shaped fat free bodies and live in sky boxes. But in SL almost everyone is a GOD or GODDESS with perfect hair, makeup and complexion to match. Not everyone in real life has really large or even extremely large fake boobs.... but they exist.

About a year ago I went to a Nudist Resort in SL. Now to avoid legal action I will not tell you who they are but... they aren't hard to find *winks*. I was wearing my Lolas Natural Implants and had them set to about a size of 42-DD. I teleported to a nudist resort I had heard of and strolled around the entrance. I read all the notecard rules and determined I was not too large or as they say "overly sexual". Now before I go on.... "overly sexual"?!?! Isn't being nude and showing off your bits to everyone sexual enough? what exactly is "overly sexual"? I'm confused. Anyway... I paid the membership fee and entered the sim hassle free for a few days. Then one day wearing the EXACT same sized implants I get an IM from a "Beach Guard" telling me I'm too large and "overly sexual" and need to down size my apparently enormous fake boobs. Weird.... girls with implants don't go to nudist resorts in real life? So we discussed it and the guard wouldn't budge so I left the group and was not refunded my money... which I didn't expect anyway.

A few months later my friend tells me that this same nudist resort relaxed a bit on their "no fake boobs" rule and so I decided to show up again wearing the exact same size implants but this time my Icons. I went right up to the nearest guard and asked if "these" were fine.... they said they were and so I rejoined and enjoyed the sim for about 2 months..... until today.

I get a notice about a little beach party they are having and I decide to show up wearing my Christmas hat, basket and candy canes. The people there said hello and everything was fine... then the IM comes telling me I'm too large and need to down size. This time I argue a little that I was told the rules have changed and so on... again... they wont budge... I'm wrong and they are right. So again I left... quit the group... no refund. But this time... never to return.

Now after reading this some of you might be thinking that it's their sim and they have a right to run it any way they please and I agree with you 100%. I was upset at first but now I'm much more calm about it and decided to post this little "adventure" of mine. However I will say this: To all of you lovers of implants. DON'T change who you are to enter a sim. YOU are the customer. YOU are the traffic. YOU are the ones who spread the word when you like a sim or not. If you find a sim that discriminates against Implants then don't support them. If these so called nudist resorts can't comprehend the fact that real life nudist resorts have women with implants then they don't deserve our business. We are a large and powerful community and I for one am VERY proud to be a part of it. So to all you implant lovers I say..... Wear those Tig-ol'-Bitties loud and proud and NEVER change who you are for ANYONE!

Hmmm... maybe I need larger ones now *winks* ;P

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hisoka Z850T

Recently I have started building my collection of mesh based items like clothing, avatars, bikes and cars. While racing around in one of my new cars I saw a guy driving an insane looking sports car that was entirely mesh. It looked incredible and based on looks alone I HAD to have it. When I asked him he informed me it was not yet released but gave me an LM to where it will be located once done.

Less then a week later I TPed to this sim and found the new Hisoka Z850T released and ready for sale. I couldn't make my purchase fast enough! I rezzed my unpainted car then proceeded to add the red paint job it came with. When you buy a car you get to pick from a single base color but can buy custom paint jobs that are super easy to apply. There's even an assortment of different colored rims. I purchased a really neat red anime style and had it painted in less then 30 seconds..... WOW!

The Hisoka is feature rich and gives you the ability to tweak just about every aspect of the machine. From driving performance to windows and lights I found myself quickly falling in love with this car. Once I found the right drive setting to suit my needs I was ripping through the race tracks. If you have a need for speed this thing will blow your shorts off.... LITERALLY!!!

Ermac Kira and Ichtyo Broome are the creators of this masterpiece and are super customer friendly. They took to the time to answer all my annoying questions and even went the extra mile to make sure I was happy. Rare in secondlife to find such customer service.

While writing this review I decided to test how customer friendly they were so I asked Ermac for a custom pink anime paint job. In just a few days it was done. Now THAT is service!!!

If you are looking for a VERY under priced mesh race car then look no further then the Hisoka Z850T. At a mere $3,000L you are getting a lot of bang for your Linden buck. Come check it out at You'll be glad you did!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

MESH in Second Life

When I first heard about MESH coming to SL I was a bit concerned on how it would affect the performance of the servers... but at the same time I was excited with thoughts of the possibilities. Well MESH is now officially in Second Life and I am VERY HAPPY!!!

This picture is a new MESH avatar by UTILIZATOR. The body is so perfect it's frightening. A far superior alternative to the SL standard avatar. The apron is by Bare Rose who has also entered the MESH race. Hair is by Truth. Check out the complete picture set at:

As an implant skin maker who loves her implants I must assume that some mesh avatar makers will enter the BIG BOOB industry. Before you get excited it is important to know that mesh is not as customizable as the standard avatars, sculpts and prims. However, as the popularity of mesh grows so too will the selection of mesh avatars and mesh fashions. I look forward to the future of MESH in Second Life.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Well after almost 4 months of texturing I finally get to release my very first line of skins called SPANKED! There are 7 tones ranging from Lightest Day, Lighter, Light, Dark, Darker, Darkest and Darkest Night and each tone comes with 16 make up options and appliers for major implant name brands like Lolas, eCorp, Universal Implants, Foxbean, Icon, iBoobs and vString XL. All this for a price you wont believe. But you'll have to visit the store to find out at:

You can also see the skin in action in the July issue of Busted featuring the sexy duet of Mandy & Turi. Or read a little about them at the wonderful BUSTY blog by Maggie Bluxome at:

More skins to come in the upcoming months to stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

BSG Mystery Solved

Back in February of 2010 I was banned from the BSG-47 sim for allegedly stealing scripts and using them without permission. I even wrote a blog about it which you can read here:

In the blog I "called out" my accusers to provide me the name of the person who claimed I stole their scripts, but they ignored me. Basically.... I was sentenced without trial. I ignored it and went on with my SL-life... until 2 days ago. But let's start from the beginning of how this all began.... yet again.

A few weeks ago while in my space station at Outpost Alpha I noticed a few people flying around the sim that were pretty close. Close enough for me to cam and see who they were. I contacted one of them and asked if she needed help finding anything as I'm on staff there. She introduced herself as Shego Caerndow and told me her and her friends we admiring the cool stations and space scenes. We chatted some more and I discovered that she was the primary owner of BSG-Exodus. She also invited me to come by when the sim opens. Cool right?

I got a message from her a few weeks later saying they are open and to come by and check it out. I finished up what I was doing and headed over. I noticed a few concerns and quickly told her to double check the agreement they have with Universal Studios just to be on the safe side. She appreciated my concern and thanked me for telling her. It would be a shame to see a sim shut down after all that hard work was put into it.

I had to log off for a little while but intended to continue my tour. When I logged back on I tried TPing to the sim and the TP kept failing. Right away I thought "oh great... let me guess... I'm banned"... So I contacted Shego and asked if the sim was full... she said it wasn't... then I asked her to check the banned list and low and behold I was banned. Long story short I asked who banned me and it was Lillystar parx (the same person I spoke to about my banning at BSG-47). Shego couldn't understand why and said she'd look into it. I told her not to bother that it really wasn't worth my time. That if a sim wanted to ban me for no reason then clearly they are misguided and not a sim I want any part of. But as time went by I grew upset. All this time has passed and the BS lie told about me... still haunts me. I decided I would pursue this. I contacted Lillystar and asked why..... she said it was because of the "stolen gun" BS but this time..... she gave a name.... "Mud". She then... ignored me... but I had a name.

I searched their group and sure enough found Mudlin String. This morning I contacted Mudlin and he was very quick in wanting to open a line of communication. He told me that it wasn't scripts but instead a rifle he made that someone rezzed and claimed I sold them. I had always assumed it was scripts I was accused of stealing because the BSG-47 admins would give avatar vendors the gun scripts to support the meters they used. I was shocked to hear Muds words because 100% of all my avatar builds are my own. Someone actually accused me of packaging and selling someone ELSES build. How utterly preposterous! After a good long talk we discovered this was obviously someone screwing with the both of us or just one giant mistake. Either way....there was no evidence..... no proof. FINALLY... someone with enough common courtesy to talk to me face to face to resolve this obvious misunderstanding. Mudlin and I hashed everything out and in the end parted on good terms. He went on to make this statement in his profile picks:

Shayna Korobase never stole anything from me

after well over a year of
rumours flying around i finally met with shayna.. about a year and a half ago i
was approached by someone that claimed that they bought an avatar on xstreet
created by shayna that had as part of it a gun i made for 47..
I've talked to
shayna and its come to our attention that this was a mindfuck by someone that had
both of us in their target as someone that wronged them somehow..we dont know
who it was but we put 1 2 and 3 together and have some idea. If you have ever
heard that shayna stole from me now ill put it clear she did not..unfortunately
the mind fuck just didn't effect us as sl mindfucks seem to spread to drama
llama and grow into something else all if you have made a decision
based on this mindfuck ide ask you to please rethink it and understand that if
someones accused of stealing and have not that they will of course be angered by
that. Mudlin string 06/22/2011

So after over a year and a half of being accused of being a thief, Mudlin and I are finally brought together to clear these matters up. But let me say this.... look at my history in SL. Look at the sim I own and run, look at the friends I have, look at the businesses I run, look at the hundreds of original products I have created and look at the volunteer work I have done. Why would a person who does all that steal? Silly I know but this kind of thing happens. Some of the most respected builders I know have been accused of worse.... and not one of them ever found guilty by Linden Labs.

Mudlin and I were kept apart for some strange reason but I'm glad we got to finally meet and prove once and for all that I was falsely accused. All I have to say to Mudlin is... thank you for being a GROWN UP! To the ones that didn't give me a chance I only say this "I forgive you."

Case closed...... I hope.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

T&S Norton Cafe Racer

I love bikes... loooooove bikes! Especially when something new and innovative is released. However I'm not the biggest fan of attachment style bikes as they usually don't handle very well. They look great.... just handle like poop. Well my feelings on the subject are forever changed thanks to Tes Tiramisu and her team of builders at Amber Racing Association.

I discovered ARA a while ago and ever since then it's been a destination of choice whenever I was in the mood to race my bikes on the MANY tracks they have. I became quick friends with Tes (she's mega hot!) and would often drop by her garage to check out build projects but mostly just to chat and oogle her hotness (tee hee=^^=). A few weeks ago she had a bike parked near the garage and it just took my breath away. I NEEDED to own it simply because it looked so good. I didn't care if it drove like crap... this bike needed to be in my collection. Tes assured me the bike was set for release soon so I waited..... semi-patiently HAHA!

Two days ago while visiting my good friend Minya, she just happened to be driving the newly released bike I was oggling.... The T&S Norton Cafe Racer! Without hesitation I purchased the bike and unboxed it from its crate. To my surprise it was an attachment bike... OH NO!!!! At first I was a bit sad, but that lasted only about 30 seconds once I began to use it. Let me go on record in saying that this bike is simply incredible! Handles like a dream, looks great, incredibly low script time and zero lag. Instructions were simple to understand and before I knew it I was ripping up the roads. The bike even has a drag racing feature which is soooooo fun once you learn how.... and learning was a breeze.

So you must be thinking "Is Shayna saying all this because she crushes on Tes?" and the answer to that is NO! And on that note let me tell you what I don't like about the bike. The only problem I have with the bike is you only get a single pose which is the driving pose. The only change in pose is when the bike is moving or stopped... your feet move to hold you up. As an avid SL biker I tend to just park my bike with other bikers and shoot the breeze looking cool with various biker poses. Can't be done with this bike however. So little miss pushy Shayna IM'ed Tes and gave suggestions. Now most of you know that we builders are a temperamental bunch and we normally don't take criticism very well. I can say that Tes is incredibly opened minded and was very receptive to the idea. In fact a few hours later she contacted me and said "I told our animator you ideas." How cool is that! I will write a short follow up blog if and when the parking poses are added.

I give this bike 5 stars even without the parking poses because it's simply an incredible bike. And for $1500L how can you pass this up? Stop by Amber Racing Association TODAY and check out the T&S Norton Cafe Racer.... you'll be glad you did :)

To see more pictures of this bike check my Flicker at

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TRON Legacy Adventure

So today I visited my sexy friends Tes and her sexy sub Minya at the TRON Legacy Adventures sim. In this picture I am riding my Legacy Beta 7 Light Cycle, Outfits by Lola's and Graves, Hair by Ploom, Eyes by NeuroLabs and skin by..... me :)

To see more picture visit my flickr:

If you are a fan of TRON then you REALLY want to visit this sim. If you're not a fan... visit just to meet sexy Tes & Minya *winks*

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Darkadia Sim... What's Your Kink?

Recently I starting diving a little deeper into the world of BDSM culture and fashion and what I have discovered in my travels are two places nestled in the Darkadia sim that stand out.

The Latex Web can be described as a high fashion artistic latex fetish pair of designers who's designs are so unique and original that one can't help but to stop and stare as if viewing a brilliant painting in a gallery. This is what I found myself doing when I first entered the store followed by purchase after purchase. The creativity of these fashions got my own creative juices flowing and before I knew it I was mixing and matching different outfits to create new and exciting new looks to my avatar. The ending result being the immediate recognition and compliments from people where ever I go.

One of the creators of The Latex Web is Tunturia Tolsen. Upon meeting her face to face for the first time it was clear to me why this store and sim are so unique. Tunturias creativity with her own avatar is inspiration. I found myself asking her questions like "Where'd you get those shoes? What skin is that?" and many more which she gladly shared with me. Sasaya Seidler is the second half of this dynamic designing duo and also the key sim designer. Let me tell you my loyal readers..... Sasaya knows how to make beautiful sims! I often find myself walking the garden she created while listening to Enya on iTunes.... it's THAT beautiful! She is also a key figure in their unique clothing design. All I can say is..... if you like kink... then you'll love The Latex Web! You can visit them at

Next up was a visit to Le Fetiche! This is an upscale BDSM club with high class members and even higher class owner Dantelicia Ethaniel. She is STUNNING to look at as evident by my constant perv cams of her *Tee Hee* and like Tunturia is quick to share her fashion tips. Le Fetiche is a beautiful establishment with exceptional decor and staff that create an immersive canvas from which to enjoy your BDSM kinks. If you really want to get your kink on then you can walk down to the basement of the club where an assortment of high quality toys awaits. Everything from cages to wall crosses and all loaded with top notch fetish animations. If you decide to visit you just might find me relaxing in a chair watching the show *winks*.

I give this sim 5 stars without hesitation. The ONLY drawback to the sim is.... a wee bit of lag.... some times. But Second Life lags any time a sim becomes popular right? ;)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Icarus Transport

I love SciFi....... all my friends know this. So when some brand new Hi-Tech comes out I'm usually quick to investigate. Now some times times I regret my purchases but once in a while I come across something that is worth every Linden Dollar I spent. Sadly however.... not "so much" in this case.

The Icarus Transport comes in at a whopping $10,000 Lindens and when you first see it you are instantly blown away at how good it looks. This ship is really an amazing looking build with lots of nice rooms, working escape pods, impressive engine room, navigational radar room, hanger and bridge. The impressive athstetics is an instant selling point...... but why do I "sorta" regret buying this vessal?

For starters the scripting needs work. Now I'm no pro (not even close) to scripting... but what I do have lots of expert scripter friends and TONS of experience as a consumer and builder to know when something just isn't working right. The flight scripts in this ship are not bad but what I don't like is how the ship wanders when flying straight up or down. Because of its enormous size this can be a problem as you accidentally hit sim borders. One good thing though is any part of the ship that makes contact with the sim border will push into the ship. If you're paying attention you can correct your flight path.

Second because of the ships slow flight speed you will rely on the Warp Drive to jump your ship quickly...... but.... it rarely works for me. Now before I go on... this isn't always the case for everyone. A few of my friends have no problem at all... and others... experience the same issue I'm having. I contacted Moo Spyker about this problem and he got back to me pretty quickly. He said the warp drive was working for everyone else and that he didn't know why it wasn't working for me. I had a friend who owns an Icarus come with me to make sure I wasn't frakking up the commands....... I was doing it perfectly. Moo came to the conclusion that my avatar key must be "messed up". Now this bugs me.... and why? Because EVERYTHING I own works for me with no problem. When I asked one of the best scripters I know in SL about this he basically laughed and said "Your key can't break hun". Just as I thought.

One minor thing I need to point out are the poor poses in the basic office chairs. When you sit on them you looks like a robot that is recharging. Maybe I'm a little spoiled but sticking crappy sit poses in furniture is an instant turn off for me. The lounge chairs however do come with a good pose but I would have liked to see more seating options.

The Icarus has some pretty neat escape pods that you rez, sit in then get launched out of the ship. Very cool concept... however in many cases the escape pods don't derezz. Myself and the admins of SBA have had our fair share of Icarus escape pod clean up.

The Icarus has gone through about 5 updates since and the jump warp drive still doesn't work properly. But Moo did add something I really like..... Autopilot! The autopilot works by either programing coordinates into a note card that is installed in the ships HUD or by chat command. You can change the speed now as well which is a really cool feature. I love flying at 32 meters per second from the surface into the outer orbits of space.

In Summary the Icarus is a stunningly beautiful build with a few script glitches that can frustrate even the most level heads. If I were to rate it with stars I'd give it 4 with the 5th star on hold until the Warp Drive gets fixed.

So why did I say "not so much" at the beginning of this review? Well... with a sticker price of 10,000 Lindens I expected something that worked flawlessly. Which was not the case. However this is one of my preferred ships to rez when visiting SBA so for that...... no regrets...... sort of. ;)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Busted & Boxed

OMG so excited I made the cover of BUSTED Magazine!!! Also big congrats to our favorite couple in SL Ko and Tuff on making the cover of Girls of the Box Magazine! You can get FREE copies of these magazines at The Box All Girls Club located at:

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Photo by the ever so sweet Maggie Bluxome.