Friday, September 26, 2008


My personality has been described as fiery and in your face... and I LOVE IT! Many months ago I heard about a group in SecondLife called the Green Lanterns. They "Serve and Protect" the citizens of SL. I don't mind helping people in a jam but if a griefer comes-a-knockin' I'm usually more apt to thoroughly obliterating them instead of holding them off and sending abuse reports. So because of that nature I lean towards being a Red Lantern.

Sitting high atop a building in the awesome looking sim The Abyss (95, 187, 236) Red Lantern Shayna looks at the citizens below. Looking for a griefer to even think about starting trouble.

Shayna sees a griefer..... cocky.... arrogant.... the griefer starts talking nasty to local women and beating up men trying to protect them. The anger gradually builds.... rises....... burns.... until it reaches critical mass and with a banshee scream she yells "RAGE!!!!!!" and her entire body bursts into a red plasma flame. She swoops down like a falcon and snatches the griefer right out of his ghetto sneakers. No one ever sees the griefer in these parts again.

The flames you see were created by a wonderfully talented individual named Jeadeen Niles. After seeing him in his Green flames I asked if he'd make red ones for me and that it would complete my costume. Being the generous heart he is Jea started work immediately. Within days I had my very own red flame suit.

This suit is fantastic and EVERYONE stops to take a second look when I fly by. When I land it says "Calm" and when I launch it yells "RAGE!". It can even be controlled by chat commands spoken on a private channel. This is hands down one of the coolest things I have in my arsenal and I cant thank Jea enough. These suits are custom fit to your avatar but maybe some day he'll market them along with a body shape. Cross your fingers!

Until then.... all you griefers out there.... look out for me. And if you hear an ear splitting "RAGE!!!" you're probably already dead.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gothic Vampiress & Cleric Duals

At least once a week the dark side of me comes out and relives my younger goth/vampiress days.

I put this style together during one of my crazed shopping frenzies.

Usually if someone gets a little too close this is the last thing they see.

Bust a move with Fancy Gun-Kata! I picked up these Cleric Duals and let me say a few things about them. The Gun Kata and Soul Shot alone is worth the price. The added bonus of these being VERY well detailed artistic looking guns is great. The only issue... and it could be me or SL... is lag. My friend Kazime also owns these these guns and today in my gun range we both agreed that these lag. BUT... the creator contacted me and is eager to help...... I'll keep you posted.

OMG I have been BLOGED!!!!

Well it finally happened. After reading many blogs from my good friend Cathiee I decided it was a great way to express myself. So here I am.... a blogger (LMAO). Pardon my crazy and all over the place ramblings. My grammar sucks and I make MANY typos.

Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Shayna Korobase and like any SL resident I use SL to socialize, create and explore. I read once that if you started visiting a sim a day in SL that you'd never see them all in one life time..... WOW! Well I can tell you from experience that I have been to many sims and never grow tired of exploring them. It's a big SL world out there!

My computer is fairly old..... I think about 5-6 years with the only new part being a brand new HP w1907 monitor. My partner use to make fun of how dark my old monitor was. I can't wait to get a new system. This thing is so old I have to stop every 30 minutes to shovel coal into its steam engine just to keep it running. LOL just kidding but it sure feels like that most of the time.

I have many acquaintances in SL but only a handful that are truly a part of my inner circle and called friends. Stacia, Freyakc, Cathiee, Dollwife, Andi (Leandrah), Vicky, Rez, Paxan and Orval are the poeple I speak with and hang out with the most. I end up dropping most of the wannabe friends for one reason or the other, usually because they are either lacking in common sense or can't take brutal honesty. I speak my mind 99% of the time and I don't do it to be malicious.

"What ever I do, I do because I love you." God in Evan Almighty.

My activites in SL revolve mostly around creating. But let me start from the beginning......

When I first joined SL back in 5/5/2007 I quickly became a dancer.... ok ok... a stripper at a club called Carnal Sins. It was a lot of fun for a noobie. Never one to have a boss for too long I opened my own club called The Classy Cat and ran that for about 4 months. The lindens (money) was good but it was empty success. Constantly dealing with dancers and customers grew tiresom and I decided literally overnight to close my club. I needed to be more creative!

I purchased a small chunk of mainland and rezzed a skybox to live in with the land below as my own personal sandbox. I started building.... and never stopped. Building became my passion. I don't have a specialty like many others do. I build whatever sparks my interest and I don't stop until I'm either done or lose the passion for it. I am known to be up all night working on a build.

Shortly after my real life best friend Stacia joined and I guided her through SL. She became my inworld roommate and love of my life and still is. My feelings for Stacia I think are said best in my inworld profile picks. "She is my soulmate. I never get tired of talking to her and we never stop getting in each others head. Love." We bicker, we laugh, we even annoy the crap out of each other...... but the one thing that always remains is our incredibly strong connection.

I tend to be a bit of a loner and often will go out exploring the SL-Grid sim by sim. One day I decided to see if there was a sim based on one of my favorite all time television shows from the 70's and today.... that show being Battlestar Galactica. So I ran a search and found a place called BSG47. I was soooooo excited! I quickly joined and Stacia followed. Let me tell you my initial thoughts on BSG47.

When I first joined BSG47 I was blown away by many things. The builds were excellent and the role play was awesome. The night I arrived there was a major attack and they let me tag along to watch. That is what sold me on them. I became a viper pilot and worked hard to understand the skills I needed to fly and also how things were "done" at BSG47. I loved the sim and made most of my present day SL friends from there. This is where I met another VERY important person in my SL life... Freyakc (LOVE LOVE LOVE you girl!).
The biggest problem however is my inability to "know my place" and I quickly became a very vocal person on various topics.... all of which created many enemies for me. In the end I thought it best I leave BSG47 to pursue something less stressful. Even though I'm a teeny tiny bit bitter by the actions of some of the people at BSG47, it takes two to Tango...... and I still treasure what I got out of it and for that I am thankful that I was a part of it.... if only for a short while.
During my time as an active RP'er, Stacia and I sold our accumulated land and purchased 5k+ meters of land on a private island. We loved that house and thought we'd be there forever. We use to bring friends over for jacuzzi nights, tea or just sitting at the beach gossiping.

Months after the break up between me and BSG47.... Stacia, Freyakc and myself got the idea to open OKEANIDES (Ocean-i-deez). We pooled together our collective thoughts and created what I think is a beautiful sim. 95% of my time is spent at Okeanides (OKEANIDES (126, 134, 291) ). Shortly after that Frey got the idea to relocate her home to her own open sim next door and named it Telesto. Stacia and I sold our island property and now presently reside in our wonderful tropical home at the even more wonderful island community of Telesto. I think I said "I love this sim!" about 100 times.

Well that's all for now. My brain is starting to shut down. Ciao :-)