Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Welcome to Deja Moo

A short time ago I decided to pick up a pair of Mused Milk Made implants and have a go at playing a Moo. It was expensive to get started at first but I'm having a lot of fun with it. So much so that I decided to open my own place for City Moo called Deja Moo.

Ever notice all the cow farms are... well.... farms? What about us city Moo? Don't we get any love? tee hee ^oo^ Well now we do! Deja Moo is a new club/hang out dedicated to everything Ushimimi, Hucow, Moo, Bull, farmer, Busty, shemale and more. It's a tall skyscraper with a milking, breeding, grazing and BDSM room as well as the main Milk Bar located at the entrance level. Located in the newly remodeled Okeanides City, a place for shopping and adult fun as well as roads for driving and skies for flying.

Are you a Moo in search of a Family? Deja Moo has a family tome for you to join located at the Milk Bar double tap.

Stop by Deja Moo today! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Okeanides/233/224/21

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lace Chemise for all Shapes & Sizes

Hello my lovelies!

You may be wondering why I haven't released anything lately. Well...... I was busy updating my skins to the new Lolas Tango mesh implants as well as creating a new sexy design for Petites, BosomMesh bodies and Implants.

This weeks new design is the alluring Lace Chemise. It's comes in Black, White, Pink and Red and gives a very classic look to lingerie.

White you're hear check out our new City Sim Build! Rez a car, motorcycle, jet plane... we don't care LOL Enjoy the sim and hot fashions.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

SPANKED & Lolas Tango Implants

So recently the long awaited NEW Lolas Tango mesh implants were released. I waited almost a week before purchasing them because of various commitments and figured no rush right? WRONG!

This morning I picked up these implants and went to work right away getting the SPANKED skin appliers working for them. Lolas has always been my favorite and these new Tangos are no exception. They are simply amazingly beautiful implants. The photo above is the result.

If you are a Lolas Tango user then stop by SPANKED and pick up your new appliers or updates. You'll be glad you did ;)

**Update: Check out Maggies blog on the SPANKED skins for Tangos at: MaggieBluxome.com

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Don't Forget The Petites

My lovely little Petite avatar lovers..... I have not forgotten you. The Risque Burlesque makes its way to the Petite world today and available in 4 colors. Look for more Petite designed clothing at SPANKED soon!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Scaring Your Boo-bies Off

Do you love Halloween as much as I do? Then you'll want to check out Scared To Death! Haunted House Ride. It's a VERY long ride taking you on a frightening tour of various Halloween and horror themes from classics to modern movie hair raisers.

Every year I dress up on Halloween day and this years costume I think is my best. The large breasted homicidal pumpkin head complete with custom bloodied skin and overalls from SPANKED, chainsaw, bloodied knife and steal tipped boots.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Script Hunter Saga: Your Hoo Hah and YOU!

This is a first in a series of Script Hunting blogs about avatar attachment products and the amounts of scripts they carry. It is a well known fact in Second Life that excessive scripts can cause lag and even crash sims. Many clever SL-tizens like Novatech and The Box Resort have given away free script counters and notecards teaching old and new avatars how to minimize their scripts. But you'd be surprised how many people still have no idea how badly they are lagging the people around them..... or in some cases just don't care.

One of the major sources of over scripting is in clothing and prim body parts. The most notorious of them all is..... The Hoo Ha! Also known as the vagina. In this blog I will be reviewing a few prim attachment Hoo Ha and the amount of scripts and lag they create.

The first is by a person named canobu Almodovar. It can be found on the MarketPlace and is called "Mesh Panties (hud) + Mesh Pussy (hud)." As you can tell by the title it is made of mesh and in my opinion doesn't look too bad. What I like most about it is the Hoo Ha itself has only 1 script and measures at 128 KB memory usage. That is SUPER low! The hud that comes with it in my opinion is only good for changing the various states of arousal. Skin matching with the HUD is very flawed and you are better off editing the Hoo Ha by hand. However the HUD only uses a single script as well for a whopping total of 192 KB.

The next is one called [BO] Anthro Vagina. Even though it's mainly made for furries it can easily be colored to match human skin. It's modify copy and only has a single script at 128 KB and no hud. This is the Hoo Ha of choice whenever I'm in the mood to be a bunny ;)

Next is one of my favorites. The VAW XTC Vagina. It is feature rich, looks great and best of all it only has 17 scripts total, is mod copy and has a HUD. The bad news is the script time on the Hoo Ha alone is 1152 KB and 3136 KB with the HUD. The Hoo Ha and HUD combined only add 34 scripts to your count but significantly increases your lag compared to the others.

One I have been using a long time is the Lotus Pussy Evolution, Sapphire Edition. It's super easy to use, skins quickly and comes in at only 23 scripts at 912 KB. The really bad news however is the HUD at a total of 75 scripts but with a whopping 3136 memory usage OUCH!!! My advice is to wear the Hoo Ha without the HUD. You'll make everyone around you much happier.

Last but certainly not least is the Xcite X4. This one is by far the best looking of them all HOWEVER it comes it at a blazing 107 scripts with a script memory of 6912 KB!! Double OUCH!! But even worse is the HUD that brings you to 134 scripts at an uncalled for 8640 KB memory usage. OMFG!!! I LOVE this one but for a while I stopped wearing it all together because it's just not worth the lag and hassle. HOWEVER after speaking with someone from Xcite and getting a thorough education on the newer X4 and realizing mine was a very old version (I think a little over a year old) I updated my X4 and used the updated "Eject Scripts" feature which does exactly what the title says.... ejects the scripts. This leave you with a scriptless vagina that looks amazing.

A note on memory usage and script time. They ARE different! High memory usage does not always mean high script time. A great way for sim owners to get a true reading on their patrons is to use the built in secondlife script time tools. For example the X4 vagina when looked at this way came in at a very very low actual script time. Mostly because a good percentage of the scripts are dormant. There are some tools out there that measure script time as well as count and memory usage. I would advise avatars to invest in such tools so they can get an overall accurate reading on the things they wear.

So there you have it. There are many more on the market that I did not cover here. But remember.... be aware of the scripts they have. If you can use a script scrubber on your favorite but over scripted Hoo Ha then do so. It will make SL not only a more beautiful and sexy place to be but also make it  LAG FREE.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Suspended for 1 day... and then some

So this past week I haven't been on SL much. Tonight (about 1 hour ago) I logged on, TP'ed to a few stores I own and paid rents, checked messages from customers, groups and friends and so on. Then suddenly while in the middle of a conversation with Stacia POOF!!! I get logged out. So I try coming back a few times and no good. I decided to check my email and sure enough there was a message from LL stating that they temp suspended my account (Friday) for 1 DAY and that my account will come back on SUNDAY..... ummm... that's 2 days right?

Anyway, the reason for the suspension is due to a PG violation in the ToS that states you can not have nude pictures in your profile. This is strange because thousands of avatars have.... for years! They specifically targeted the PICKS section of my profile which had one artistic nude of me from my photo shoot in BUSTed magazine. No sex.... not me jumpin' some guy/girl/furrie or whatnot.... just a single very tastefully done nude. Hmmmmmm..... I wonder.

On to the next thought. I recently discovered the "My SecondLife" option and have been posting there quite often. Now there were indeed nude pictures of me in there but again .... artistically done and NO SEX! Fortunately I was able to delete them from the SecondLife web page.

Now mind you I got ZERO warning about this. Which is strange because let's say for example you sell products on the MarketPlace. If LL finds something in violation.... they remove it. They don't suspend you. So why couldn't they just remove the pictures they said are in violation? Hmmmm again... strange.

So a warning to you my friends. If you have even the most modest of nude pictures in your profile you better get rid of them fast. Because this is a true story and it could happen to you!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Busty Neko Shay

Today I decided to be Neko again after seeing and purchasing the neko ears and tail from Magika. The hair is also from Magika and what I love most is that it comes with a hud so you can change hair colors easily. Great quality mesh hair for sure.

Body is Big Udders BosomMesh by Universal Implants, hands are Yabusaka, Feet and eye lashes by GA, skin and mesh nipple guard by SPANKED.

You can see the full photo spread at: SPANKED Flickr page.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tiny Little Musicians

Stacia Zabaleta owner of Gatherings has released this adorable Musicians Stool for Petite avatars. The stool and flute is of a sculpt design and only take up 1 prim each. The guitar is so tiny and cute it fits perfectly with any Petite avatar and is all Mesh with super accurate detailed. I know because I made the guitar HAHA!  Not playing favorites here (tee hee ^_^) but this Musician Stool is sooooooo damn cute! If you are a Petite then this is definitely something you'll want to add to your home, back yard, front deck or stage.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Don't Know What Ya Got......

A while ago I wrote a blog review of a sim called Starbase Alpha. I t was called Rediscovering Starbase Alpha and it was about a space themed sim where you could rez ships and RP to your hearts content. It was a great sim and I was there a lot... but sadly..... it's been gone a while now.

Paranth who was the owner of the sim would often send messages out to the group members asking for help in getting people to join and rent space so he could support the 3 sims but eventually he had to close the sims one by one. Some of us thought he'd never close it and we took for granted what SBA offered.

As the old saying goes "You don't know what you got til it's gone" many of us have felt the sting in the closing of SBA. I have searched far and wide and have yet to find anything like it. Yeah there are a few that are trying. Like Mesa 5....... but none of them to date are fully operational or even open for business.

Paranth if you see this.... we miss SBA. To anyone else reading this. If you remember SBA and know a sim that can replace it... send me an IM. I'd love to know about it.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Gorilla Marketing Gone Wrong

In a time in the not too distant past (the beginning of the Internet) I read a book called "Gorilla Marketing for the Internet" and in this book I learned many clever ways to promote my real life business in the "Brave New World" of cyberspace. Tricks like "how to promote a business on a forum without getting ejected" and so on. The book was and is very valuable and still has techniques that work today even though the net has changed immensely. However all the marketing books I read all said the same thing.... "Use tact."

One of the things I have noticed in secondlife is group IMs (instant messages) starting where someone asks a question like "Where can I find clothing for BosomMesh" or some other question requiring a specific answer. But then suddenly as if on cue someone will answer the question with great gusto on a particular name brand. For the sake of discussion we'll create a fictitious name brand and call it "UbberJuggs".

So it will go a little something like this:

Jane: Hey does anyone know where I can find nice clothing for BosomMesh?

Marie Hijack: oh you want UbberJuggs. They have everything and they are the best ever. You can't go wrong with UbberJuggs. They have clothes and skins and butt implants and pregnant bellies and everything.

Susan Sincere: there are other places too like (insert other name brands here) you can check out. What sort of style are you looking for?

Marie HiJack: You want a skin from UbberJuggs. It doesn't matter what clothes you buy you need a good skin and shape has nothing to do with it either. Buy a skin from UbberJuggs they are the BEST EVER!

Jane: ummmm ok umm well I want something formal I can wear to an event with formal dancing. Does anyone know a good place?

Marie HiJack: UBBERJUGGS!! they are so awesome. They have everything. all sorts of sexy dresses and the BEST skins and pregnant bellies!

Jane: do they make formal dresses?

Marie HiJack: They have the sexiest slutty outfits and don't be fooled by the rest UbberJuggs is the best! Their butt plugs and prego bellies are awesome.

Susan Sincere: Jane I'll send you some LMs of places I have shopped at. hope it helps.

Jane: Thank you susan

Marie HiJack: UBBERJUGGS!!!!

Now even though this was completely made up it's not too far off the mark from what me and other content creators and customers see in various groups on a day to day basis. These "loyal" and way over zealous supporters are often the alt or best friend of the store they are shouting about. Yeah.... we know who you are... yes we do ;)

So this is what I have to say to you "Gorilla Marketers" in secondlife. Learn some TACT! Learn to actually LISTEN to the person asking the question and help them by giving them CHOICES instead of railroading them into the store you clearly work for or own. Yeah I said it!

But in the end quality and good customer support wins out over shady advertising practices and group IM hijacking.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shayna Got a Big-O-Butt!

HEHE I decided to dress a little "street" and gave myself a Big-O-Butt. The outfit is a new project from SPANKED due to be released in my main store soon :)

One thing I discovered is the "MySecondLife" page on the main second life website. What I like about it is you can take pictures of your explorations and share them with everyone. It's really neat. You can see more of my second life by visiting https://my.secondlife.com/shayna.korobase

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Succubus Shayna

Well You know I love changing my look on a daily basis. For some reason I just felt like being a Succubus and sun bathing at The Island of Bare Naked Angels. HAHA... A succubus in the land of Angels... too funny ;P

Fashion Card:

Body: BosomMesh Fat Orbs
Eyes: Fate Eyes
Hair: Exxess
Eye lashes: *GA*
Tongue: *DS*
Fangs: Avid
Hands: Yabusaka
Boots: Desdemona
Skin & Tattoo: SPANKED
Succubus Horns: Sensations
Collar: SiniStyle
Succubus Tail & Wings: K.A.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Risque Burlesque

Just released the new Risque Burlesque for all BosomMesh bodies and was in the mood to get a sexy photo tee hee ^^. You can get this outfit in my store on the MarketPlace.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Gabby Top Lounging

I have been working my booty off releasing quality clothing for BosomMesh and having a great time doing it. But with all that work I needed a little R&R so I decided to just relax, drink some wine.... and strike some poses ;)

This is the new Gabby Top and Low Rise Jeans now available at SPANKED.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Maine Coon Shayna

This morning while hanging out with Stacia and Amethyst I happened upon this adorable Maine Coon avatar. Of course I just HAD to make myself a BUSTY wet T-top Maine Coon. These photos were all shot and edited by the very talented Amethyst. You can see the complete set of pictures on my Flickr Page.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

More SPANKED Clothes for BosomMesh

HAHA yeah I done it again. The past few days I have been locked up in my skybox working on more outfits for BosomMesh bodies. The Bandeau Semi Sheer mini dress and Leather Corset with Denim Jeans is now available in my main store SPANKED and on the MarketPlace.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lace Front Mini Dress

Well after much procrastination I finally released my first line of BosomMesh clothes. The new Lace Front Mini dresses are mostly mesh and fit all of the BosomMesh bodies from Universal Implants. No appliers needed either... just pick your shape and wear. Check it out on my Second Life MarketPlace Page.

BUSTed... Again ;)

I am soooooo excited! Recently I was asked to model for my favorite magazine BUSTed and of course I said yes Yes YES! What I didn't know was that I would be the cover girl for the August 2012 issue of BUSTed Magazine.

In the spread I am wearing my SPANKED Lighter skin along with the SPANKED Busty Biker outfit I released a few months back. Jeanne Sahara was the photographer and she is pure genius behind the camera. He method is meticulous and the results are simply amazing. I'm so happy!!!

You can check out the magazine online at BUSTed magazine or visit my SPANKED store to get your own copy of the magazine FREE!

Big thanks to Maggie for choosing me for this hot summer shoot and fashion tips. LOVE THAT GIRL!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


My dear sweet friend Amethist sent me an LM to a placed called Humanoid. It was so awesome I just had to take some snapshots. Check out the pictures on my Flickr Page.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Store Owner Ethics or Lack Thereof

Originally I blew this off and wasn't going to say anything other then to a few close friends. But then Stacia Zabaleta (my SL partner) told me she started getting them too. What did her and I both get you ask?...... SPAM!!!

Let me start off by saying as an SL content creator it is my deepest desire to get my products noticed by as many people as possible. As store owners we try all kinds of marketing strategies from mailing lists, groups, greeters, posters, notecards and many many more. But where exactly is the line separating us from store owners with ethics who are trying to sell our wares, to store owners without ethics who will resort to spamming to get what we want? Keep reading.....

The vendor system I personal use is CasperVend. In my opinion Casper is the best vendor system in Second Life but I'm sure others have their preferences as well. Casper offers some incredible features like single prim multi-function vendors and Lucky Prize Chairs. Another great feature of Casper is the ability to send anyone who has purchased from you updates via the Casper website. It truly is a great system but unfortunately some users abuse the system to spam constant daily advertisements.

The Casper websites update section states "This system is not intended to be used for broadcasting marketing messages, it is intended for product updates. If you choose to send marketing messages without first establishing an agreement with the recipients, you could be in violation of the grid terms of service." You can't miss this either. it's not like it's some hidden clause on the Update page of Casper that vendors "accidentally" overlook. It's as plain as the nose on your face..... yet.... some vendors ignore it.

Now why am I writing this? Well a few months back I visited a store called NOYA and made some purchases. Really good product and I was and am happy with what I purchased. But then I started getting advertisements regularly and in increasing intervals. Now when this happens my normal routine is to contact the seller and politely ask them to remove me from the list I never joined. And 99.9% of the time they are understanding and remove me with little to zero attitude...... but not NOYA. But we'll get to that in a moment.....

I also started getting advertisement spam from LAPARIE who I discovered is another name brand of NOYA under an alt. I sent LAPARIE a message asking the same thing but never got a response and continued to get spam on a consistent basis.

So back to NOYA. When I contacted NOYA she claimed I apparently "enjoyed" the gifts she sent via the mailing list and that I am a customer. Well... yeah... I was a customer of a few items however I usually turn down group gifts I never signed up for. But that's not the point now is it? When I said to her "I don't know if I accepted the gifts or not but I only like getting mail from groups I actually join thanks :)" and yes I put a smiley face on it.... her response was a single word. That word.... was "muted"

I was shocked to say the least but I assumed that maybe she took me off her lists. I was wrong. I continued to get spam messages from both NOYA and LAPARIE. So I did what any smart person SHOULD do when being harassed. No... I didn't visit her store and spam yell at everyone about her nasty ethics nor did I resort to fighting fire with fire by spamming her alts and bots. No.... instead... I started documenting every single advertisement in notecard form and reporting each incident to Linden Labs. After a few weeks of this I muted her and her alt LAPARIE. I could have muted them from the start...... but the reports just had to be made.

The sad thing about this is I will NEVER shop at her store again. I am quite the shopaholic and when I become loyal to a store I practically buy out their entire inventory. But my Linden dollars will not be going into her pockets. Nor will I recommend her store to any of my friends or group members. Does she care? Probably not..... but with the hundreds of high quality clothing stores out there I have plenty to choose from.

The moral of the story is..... good ethics equal loyal customers. Bad ethics equal bad reviews from bloggers like me ;)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

αмєтμєѕイ Photo Shoot

My new friend and fellow blogger αмєтμєѕイ took some pictures of me and also posted a blog. You can see the pictures at: Flickr and read the blog at Apecks Expose. Oh and have I mentioned how ADORABLE she is? tee hee ^^

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bunneh & Stinky Kitty

I love my bunny avatar from Kani. Recently I love for it was reignited when another Bunneh visiting my store was also wearing kani along with this super cute mesh outfit by Stinky Kitty .

If you visit the Stinky Kitty main store you can hunt for this 6 peace complete mesh outfit and get it FREE!!! It wasn't easy to find and for the 6th item I had to call in for help HAHA!

My complete outfit is as followed:
Mesh outfit from Stinky Kitty
Boobs and Kini top from ~FB~
Boots from Dino Hallard
Bunny Avatar from Kani
Hair from Truth
Sculpt hands from Red Poly (full perm)

Check out the rest of my cute Bunneh pictures at my Flickr Page.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Constructive Criticism or Being a BITCH?

Today I answered a group IM (in a completely unrelated group) for a girl needing a healer in some combat sim. She TP'ed me to her and we had a little chit chat about what the sim was. She said "I need a nice BUSTY healer to follow me around" and then kept asking me if I'd do it. I was hesitant at first (a usual precaution) and wanted to get to know the sim a little better. But she kept asking. I repeated that I wanted to wait then she said "don't you like make spanked skins or something?" This is where it got weird......

I said yes and then she said "the new mesh spanked skins make me look like a dude in the face". I was a little shocked but I accept criticism pretty well. But that was not the end of it... she had more to say. I wont post it here but let's just say she was a tad bit abusive and I honestly think.... insane.

As my new friend said to me when I told her this story "She is a commoner." In this case I agree.... and the girl/guy... who knows... was promptly muted.

Here's the funny part. Here's what I asked my friend after doing some digging:

[09:21] Shayna Korobase: well here's the funny part....
[09:21] Shayna Korobase: the original skin pack costs 1200L..... you NEED it if you want to use the mesh skin add on pack she is talking about. Here's where it gets better,.....
[09:22] Shayna Korobase: she already owned the 1200L pack and had been wearing it for months. Why buy the add on skin if you didn't like the original skin face?
[09:22] Shayna Korobase: does that make any sense?
[09:24] Shayna Korobase: she bought my original skin back in July of 2011. The mesh skin was not released until May of 2012. So again I must ask..... why would she buy the add on if for the last YEAR... she didn't like the faces of my skins? LMAO

Stupid truly is as stupid does I guess. HAHA... epic fail. ;)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Selfish People: HELP Find This Hair

Every once in a while you come across someone who is well...... selfish. Recently I was hanging out at my favorite biker sim MotorWorld and a regular there was wearing really nice mesh hair. Let me pause a moment and say the ONE thing that really bugs me about mesh is that you can't right click and inspect to see the creator. Anyway.... so I asked this person where she got her hair and she said something like this "I don't like when people out of the blue ask me what I'm wearing. Sorry....". she then followed with "People clone my look all the time".  She refused to tell me where she got it.

Now I understand and respect her point of view however wasn't she being a little selfish? I mean... I wasn't asking where she got her skin, clothes, eyes, tattoos or anything like that..... just hair. So I said "OK well I thought you'd be cool and tell me. I mean.... look at me... do I look like someone who will clone you?" Mind you I had on my BosomMesh Big Udders body, I'm almost 7 foot tall and I was wearing all stars and stripes for the 4th of July LOL!

I decided to look for the hair and with zero results. I looked on the MarketPlace and in world and so far I can't find them. So I ask you my friends and readers.... have you seen this hair? If you have send me an IM inworld. And to the selfish people out there... Karma is a bitch ;)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Shayna the Busty Forest Elf

So ask yourself..... am I nice nice forest elf.... or bad like Poison Ivy? Cute little elf with HUGE BOOBS! tee hee ;)

See more pictures at: Shaynas Flickr Page

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SPANKED Fantasy Skins for BosomMesh

I just released the new SPANKED Fantasy Skins for BosomMesh line of skins and I couldn't be happier :)

These are not your typical colored fantasy skins. What I have noticed on the market are a lot of cheaply done "color washed" skins where all they do is use a color tool to change the color..... of EVERYTHING... and it usually looks pretty bad. I have hand colored every inch of these skins preserving the undertones of pinks, reds, whites and shadows of the skin. No lame color washing here. As the old saying goes "you get what you pay for". Buy cheap skins.... get cheap quality.

You can grab your skin at the main store or on the Second Life Marketplace.

SPANKED Main Store

Friday, June 22, 2012

ASSume Much?

Recently Stacia called me on my cell phone to tell me I was mentioned in an ongoing drama happening on a popular Second Life blog. I ran to my computer and read through the posts and sure enough someone accused me of posting something under an alias. HAHAHA! So I commented on the blog informing them it wasn't me and to please not include me in any drama. The funny thing is anyone who knows me (even a little) knows I'm outspoken but most of all... IN YOUR FACE. I don't hide behind alts to fight my battles, troll or grief. Only cowards do that. Oh well.... ASSume much? ;)

Monday, June 18, 2012

LAMBO 454GT Motorcycle

Lately for some strange reason I have been tinkering with making bikes. Let me just say again I am NOT a bike builder but I do love riding them and well... some times I get a good idea.

This weeks crazy idea is a motorcycle version of my favorite car in the world.... the Lamborghini! The LAMBO 454GT is SUPER FAST and loaded with the KCP Screamer scripts as well as 12 custom poses and custom sounds. It has a 454 Big Block engine with animated belts and just looks and sounds mean and nasty.... and yes... it really tears up the track OMG!!!

The sounds were created by my new friend "Trouble" who is the owner of  Full Blown Vibrations Custom Vehicle Sounds. Trouble is the type of person with a passion for creating and takes pride in her work. She wont quit until she gets the sounds just right and she takes requests. Check out her store if you need killer car and bike sounds. You'll be glad you did.

You can pick up your LAMBO 454GT at the SPANKED main store or on the Second Life Marketplace. Links below......... Enjoy :)

SL Marketplace

SPANKED main store

Thursday, June 14, 2012

SPANKED Does BosomMesh

A while back I was informed of Bart Seymours new mesh body project. He created a bunch of busty headless mesh bodies to wear while keeping your face... GREAT IDEA!!! Well I wasted no time in A) getting them all and B) texturing skins to work with them. Check out the skin in the SPANKED main store or visit the SL Marketplace at:

SPANKED main store

SL Marketplace

Monday, June 11, 2012

Nudist Sim Done Right

A few months back I posted a blog about a nudist sim (initials TWCNR) that discriminated against my breast implants. Since then I have had many others come to me with their stories on how they too were discriminated against for having larger then "normal" breasts. Since the incident myself and many others never went back and we also spread the word about this place. But there's a happy ending.....

One of the great things about Second Life is that there are thousands of sims to visit. And plenty of high quality Nudist sims who accept all shapes and sizes. One of them I have been visiting lately is THE ISLAND OF BARE-NAKED ANGELS!, Mystic Valley (16, 164, 24) It is a humble little 1 sim nudist resort with great scenery and friendly people. No SNOBS here.... just people who do not discriminate. If you're looking for a great nudist sim to visit then check it out. Maybe I'll see you there ;)

*** IMPORTANT UPDATE 11/30/12***
Today my good friend Oz told me that BNA had changed. His exact words were "It sucks now." I couldn't believe my ears so I TP'ed to BNA and was absolutely shocked at the changes. Let me list the main changes taken directly from the BNA notecard in this Homestead sim:

I took away your toys.
I put barriers up around the land
I stopped you having sex
I told you there would be clothed people around
and shock horror I even said you would have to pay to enter!

To summarize the sim is NOT what I wrote about in this original post any longer. I read the entire notecard and I kind of understand where the owner is coming from. He/she does not want to pay for a sim that doesn't pay for itself. A homestead sim costs around $125 USD per month to run which is far far less then what we pay for our full sim. However the model in which BNA had was great for the visitors but not so great for the BNA owner. It just didn't generate enough income to support itself. This is a very common mistake I see in many short lived sims across SL. rezzing a few affiliate vendors and donation jars will not support a sim for long.

In the past I would visit BNA and it would be packed with people. As I stand here in BNA writing this blog at a time the sim would normally be full..... it's practically empty.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nip Guards Anyone?

I started working with mesh a while back and I must say I love it. Bringing fresh new mesh designs into secondlife has been a rewarding experience and I love sharing some of my "tinkerings" with my friends and supporters. In my main store I have in the Lucky Prize Chair 4 distinct nipple guards. They are Sheriff, Star, Sun and Gothic..... all FREE.... all the time. Come get yours at SPANKED.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hog Heaven? ROFL

If you are a follower of my blog then you already know I'm a big supporter of Second Life motorbikes and their creators. Just for kicks I designed two silly novelty bikes that are actually scripted with the awesome KCPACS scripts. "The Bike Bitch" and "The Crapper" debuted recently and the feedback is a lot of "LMAO" and "OK I want one!". Check it out at my two main stores SPANKED and BNW located at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Okeanides/32/110/22 and http://slurl.com/secondlife/Okeanides/151/211/22
The Biker Bitch is a partial mesh bike with a mesh naked (or dressed) submissive girl you ride on and fits 2 passengers. She even has a Mesh German armoy helmet rofl!
The Crapper has no mesh but is not short on laughs. Comes with a toilet, TP, naughty mag, beer keg and tap fuel tank and handy dandy plunger kickstand ;)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

SPANKED Fashion is Here!!!

I have always wanted to make clothing and what better then to make it for all my BUSTY friends. Come check out the 4 new designs at the SPANKED main store located at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Okeanides/31/108/23
As always my products work with all the best top name brand implants like Lolas, Essentials, Universal, Ecorp, iBoobs, Icon, Sinful Needs, Foxbean and vString.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Success Breeds Liars

On May 5, 2012 I will be celebrating my 5th year in Second Life and what a trip it has been. Many ups and a few downs. I have met and made some fantastic friends in that time and to be honest I wouldn't trade it for the world. But this is not a "happy go lucky" blog my friends... oh no.... it is a rare downer to the usually positive blogs from yours truly. The topic?... Liars.

I started creating in SL almost immediately. I don't think I was more then a month old when I created my first build which I think at the time was a 20+ prim frog. I kept building and building and working on developing my skill as a future content creator within SL. I was fortunate to meet many other creators who taught me lessons along the way.

My first ever "main" store was named Brave New Worlds and opened in December of 2008. Up until then I sold my creations in various malls with some success. But all the while just building for the fun of it. The story of BNW is here: http://shaynakorobase.blogspot.com/2008/12/brave-new-worlds.html

I have been a RL business owner for over a decade and one of the hard lessons I learned early on was "With success comes jealousy" and the jealous and irrational people will do just about ANYTHING to chop you down to their level. They even resort to telling lies in hopes of damaging your reputation. These liars are often failed content creators who have some talent but no marketing skills or in most cases they are customers whose asses you didn't kiss well enough so they make up fantastical stories about their mistreatment or in one case send alts after you to make accusations of THEFT! That's right... theft.

About a year ago I was contacted out of the blue by some guy accusing me of being a copybotter. The guys rant was comical... he just went on and on about what a bad person I am... but all the while I had no clue what he's talking about... not to mention I was busy copying every word he said in a notecard to send in my abuse report to Linden Labs. The guy finally gave up after a while and I promptly muted him and sent my report to LL. I thought it was over... I was wrong. A short time later an alt of this guy contacts me with a link to a blog. By the way.... the alt had the EXACT same typing style as the crazed guy that first contacted me HAHA! If you're going to use an alt at least make an attempt at changing your typing style LOL! Anyway... the blog was entitled something like "Shayna Korobase copybotter". I read this blog and my first reaction was anger but then quickly turned to laughter. I contacted Linden Labs and sent them all the information on the guy again plus his alt name and blog address. I even contacted the blog host but they have a strict policy of not taking anything down. If you look you can still find it today. Amazing how someone can write a blog about someone with nothing but lies and a blog host will allow it.....

Going back even further I had some crazy guy contact me saying I prim copied a build of his. A submarine. When I researched the guy I quickly found out he accused a TON of other content creators of "copying" his builds. A chronic complainer who thinks the world is copying his god like building "skills". Let me say this... when you build common every day things like chairs, lamps, cars, submarines and so on... you know... concepts YOU didn't original create... there will be builders out there who will replicate them as well and chances are (with secondlifes limited building platform) will end up using similar building techniques. This lunatic even included my name... in his blog. Look it up and in it you will see all the other builders he claims ripped him off. It's quite a humorous read.

A few years ago a builder I have great respect for was accused of stealing skins. She had released a huge line of Na'vi looking skins that became quite popular. Unfortunately she found out that the skin template she purchased to make her product was in fact a stolen template. But the original skin template creator pounced on her publicly instead of talking to her personally first. My friend defended herself and removed all her skins from the market and emerged triumphantly a few weeks later with brand new skins. She had no idea that the template she originally purchased was stolen but because of that she forever bares the mark of thief. The good news is she is still creating content and to date is a very successful SL business owner. After all... the cream ALWAYS rises to the top.

Secondlife has many successful business owners and content creators and with all that success breeds the jealous and dishonest residents who thrive on drama and negativity. But the reality is that the honest people always win out in the end. To date I am still creating and running my stores and businesses within Second Life. The products I created years ago that were called "stolen" are still on the market. If Linden Labs was truly given evidence to prove they were stolen they would have been removed. However Linden Labs really is powerless to the blogger. But that's ok..... Those bloggers are minuscule.

If you are a content creator in SL don't be discouraged. Keep building and managing your business. Don't allow these poor pathetic souls to control you. After all... action speaks far louder then words. Your actions as upstanding business owners and contributors to Second Life speaks for itself.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Lounging Shayna

Decided to take a few snapshots of some mesh avatars and other meshy goodness. One thing lead to another and now I have a complete set. Check them out at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/61904960@N04/sets/72157629620396243/
Enjoy ;)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Death of SecondLife Bras

HAHA that's right you read that title correctly. The female residents of SecondLife use to have the most perky boobs in all cyberdome... but then a mad scientist programmer at Linden Labs decided to create a spray that dissolves all SL bras unleashing a torrent of wobbly and uncontrolled boobie swingage!

Although I jest... there is in part some truth to this. Some where along the line some perverted SL viewer programmer got the idea in their head to add the DUNK to the BADUNKA-DUNK in SL...... and it has been the "butt" of jokes from THIS SL resident ever since.

Now far be it for me.... an implant user.... to poke fun at SLs unrealistic avatars but big... even absolutely HUGE boobs in SL actually really exist in real life. Just do a google search and you will see tons of adult film stars with outrageously huge cans. But every real life woman will agree... that the physics of SL boob and butt jiggling can some time reach comical levels.

Where did this fetish for constantly swaying mammaries and boingy boingy glutes come from? Well if you're a fan of anime you will notice the Japanese tend to like big jiggly boobs.... and lets face it... almost EVERY computer programmer in the WORLD is a fan of anime. Don't deny it... you know it's true ;)

In real life depending on the size of ones love pillows and style of bra there can be some slight bouncing from time to time. Like...... jogging for instance. Or bouncing on a trampoline. But girls with biggums will tell you that uncontrolled bouncing boobs..... is PAINFUL!!! I guess that's the beauty of SL..... we feel no pain. Where else can you fall from 1k meters up flat on your face and live to tell about it?

The introduction of SL avatar physics in SL has had some nice results. Some avatars owners understand the art of subtlety and made their jiggling barely noticeable giving their avatar a realistic "aliveness". Others however.... have jacked up the bounce-O-meter so high that their boobs and butts keep swaying 10 minutes after they stopped moving. Looking more like a tall tower of jello on crack.

In summary... SL boob-n-butt physics if used properly can enhance your avatars appearance. However it can also be better then stand up comedy if not. So to all you SL residents with Tig-ol'-Bitties and Bombastic Booties I say...... keep burning those SL bras.... trash your Buns Of Steel DVDs..... and keep making the rest of us smile ;)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Stacia & Shayna 2012

Great photo by Maggie Bluxome

Friday, January 13, 2012

New Essentials

A few weeks ago while attending a party at Bosom Buddies and getting my Ozzy fill from the worlds greatest DJ, someone caught my eye dancing on the stage. That someone... was Jennifur Vultee... owner and creator of Bad Kitty and C-Owner of Bosom Buddies. In case you don't know, Jennifur is a pioneer in the busty community and was one of the first designers I went to when I first started wearing implants. She is a multi-talented designer and her attention to detail shines through in every product. No wonder she has such a large and loyal following.

But what caught my eye? I have partied at this club many times and normally say my hellos and do a little perv-cammin' then go back to listening to the spins and dance the night way. But on this very night there was something different about her...... HER BREASTS!!

Now this is funny to say about a busty designer with huge knockers. Of course you look at her breasts. But in a room filled with heavy chested ladies what made her so different that I couldn't take my eyes off her? The answer was the new and not yet released Essentials! A new breast implant from Jennifur Vultee and TammyTgurl Umaga that is sure to take SL by storm.

I contacted her via IM and was given the 411. At the time they were in beta and being prepped for final release. I told Jen to contact me ASAP so I can be the first customer of these unique and original design implants.

Well last night I got them! I tore into the package of my brand new "Tammy" implants, made a copy then put them on. They fit perfectly. Next step was skinning them. Now as you know I make my own skins and my test for these implants as a content creator was "how easy can I texture them?" Well the answer to that question was.... less then 10 minutes! Jennifur included a link where you can get the PDF files. To my knowledge only about 3 other implant designers do this. Thanks Jen :)

These implants look fantastic! But is that enough? Well for some yes but for me..... what can they do? In comes the talented script work of TammyTgurl Umaga! The implants are VERY low lag and why?... very VERY few scripts! But in the past when you come across implants with only a few scripts you end up sacrificing features. But that's not the case here... these implants are feature packed and more to come in the near future. Brava TammyTgurl you said you'd do it and you did!

If you are a fan of implants then you MUST add both the Essentials Tammy and Katie implants to your collection. You'll be glad you did. For me I give them 5 stars or 2 thumbs up..... actually scratch that... these implants get TWO NIPS UP... WAY UP!

If you'd like to see the full and uncensored pictorial of me and my new implants... go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/61904960@N04/sets/72157628851293347/

For more information on these exciting new implants visit http://maggiebluxome.com/new-breasts-essentials