Sunday, March 8, 2009

VX-7 Scorpion Dual-Wield Pistols

What can I say? I LOVE THESE GUNS!!!!!

When I first became a SecondLife citizen the VERY first weapon I purchased was from AubreTEC. It was the PsiTec that I used against griefers that preyed on innocent noobies like myself. During the last few years I have picked up a ton of weapon HUDs.... some good... some bad. But AubreTec never lets me down and is always way ahead of the pack in innovations and updates.

So my latest purchase are the VX-7 Scorpion Dual-Wield Pistols. Let me tell you this and I'm not exaggerating....... THESE GUNS ROCK!!!!!

It took a few minutes to unpack everything from the Platinum package I purchased as well as the learning curve of reading the online manual. But it wasn't hard at all and pretty soon I knew these guns like the back of my hand. It's very user friendly but that doesn't mean there aren't any features. These guns are loaded with top notch features that impress even me...... and that's not easy to do.

The bullets that come with the gun all work very well. I used the standard "bullet" and went to my favorite target range at FairLight to kill some drones. I set the guns to automatic and the drones didn't stand a chance. I killed about 40 drones in only a few minutes.

The "griefer bullets" as I like to call them, work really well.... perhaps too well in the hands of a griefer. My best friend Frey and I decided to grief each other using bullets like Orbit, Disruptor, Neuro, Nitro and more. We had an AWESOME time doing it too.

The Orbit bullet sends a target flying up around 3,000 meters. On the second day of owning these guns a trespasser entered our private homestead sim. After repeated requests to leave the area I decided to use the VX-7's in orbit mode. The poor trespasser didn't stand a chance! He got the picture and left right away never to return.

My absolute favorite part about these guns is the Eject and Ban bullets. In our "All Girl" night club we get some males who decide they want to come in and run around just to annoy us. Clicking on a moving avatar to eject is not easy but it's how we ejected them in the past. But now I use the VX-7's and I have to say... WOW!!!!! They can run but they can not hide from the perfectly aimed shots using the VX-7's V.I.S.I.O.N. system. To describe better what the VISION system is I copied and pasted a description below from the manual:

UNDERSTANDING S.M.A.R.T. The S.M.A.R.T. aiming algorithm is your new best friend and the cornerstone of the VX-7’s incredible accuracy. Here’s how it works:

--Your V.I.S.I.O.N. heads-up-display updates the VX-7 with realtime information about who you’re aiming at, using intelligent sensors to determine your intended target.

--When the VX-7 is fired, the S.M.A.R.T. algorithm uses this information to make tiny adjustments to the bullet’s angle to ensure that your shot hits its mark, even if your aim is wide.

The S.M.A.R.T. algorithm is proven to be 100% accurate on standing targets, and far more accurate than the human eye even on fast-moving targets. You can configure nearly every aspect of the S.M.A.R.T. system’s operation (see Configuration), though we generally suggest you stick with the default configuration.

So all in all I give these guns a 5 star rating. Everything about them is superb. If you are looking for a very powerful weapon system then the VX-7 Scorpions are for you!

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