Thursday, April 2, 2009

Making of a Cylon Heavy Raider

For MANY MANY months I have been wanting to make a Cylon Heavy Raider but kept putting off. I finally decided to commit myself to the project and within 2 full days of building, sculpting, texturing and scripting completed the long awaited Heavy.

The first step was to get the sculpties just right. I know for this ship that sculpties were a MUST! So I went to work on them using a combination of 4 different in-world and out-world sculptie programs.
The next step was to get the textures just right. For this project I used a combination of my own custom textures as well as textures from the iMesh model. Heavy editting had to be done to the iMesh textures but in the end the big wooden Heavy now has a beautifully detailed hull.

The Heavy comes with many features such as FTL drive, 5 flight modes, missiles, cannons and more. The trick however was to get even more detail into the build. For that I used a trick an old friend taught me......... attachments. The Heavy alone is only 28 prims with the additional 24 attachment prims adding the final touches.

You can pick one up in-world at my store Brave New Worlds or on XStreet at:

I hope you enjoy the Heavy Raider as much as I have in building it.

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