Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vampire Business?!?!?

That's right the title of this blog is "Vampire Business" and why? Because I recently experienced a person who embodies every single one of the qualities I described in my "Art of the Vampire" blog. You know the kind.... the ones that treat BloodLines like investment property. These used car salesman will lie, cheat and steel in order to get a soul and hold it ransom. I will tell the story but I can not reveal the names of the people involved as it is considered a ToS violation to do so.

The story starts with a friend of mine who was very nervous about joining bloodlines. He was spam bitten before and only started wanting to learn more when we started talking about the what makes bloodlines cool.... to me. I described to him the awesome role play possibilities if one searches for it and also warned him of the opportunistic con artists out there that will tell you anything to get your soul. He was very excited and after much thought decided he wanted me to rescue his soul and turn him to vampire. That was not so easy as I was right in the middle of moving an entire sim and our schedules were clashing a bit.

One day I get an IM from him saying that a woman "friend" of his rescued his soul but told him it wouldn't effect him coming to me. This "friend" talked (conned) him into drinking a Hemlock potion and being bitten by her. She told him that all this would do is take him out of the abyss but failed to mention that she now possesses his soul. I informed him of what it really meant and he was devastated..... but... was happy to learn that he can still liege to me. All was well as far as I was concerned but it bothered him that he was not told the truth. He started learning more and more about Bloodlines and his in his heart still felt like he was not "all mine" and wanted it to be fixed. I told him "Simply tell her there was a misunderstanding. I'm sure she'll have no problem with transferring your soul being as she got you on false pretenses." Well.... I was wrong.

When he contacted her she immediately un-friended him and placed him on ignore/mute. He was shocked and realized at that very moment that she was everything my blog described about the "soul whores" of bloodlines. But it gets better.....

I contacted her on his behalf and for a few minutes got no response. Finally she responded. Here's the conversation with names removed.

[19:46] Shayna Korobase: hello... XXX just told me that you are upset that he wants his soul to be with me. Can we talk?

[19:48] Shayna Korobase: hello?

[19:50] Shayna Korobase: so either you are ignoring me or you are the sort of vampire that deceives (even your friends) to get ahead in this game.... such a shame

[19:53] JG: im queen of ND

[19:53] JG: kinda busy

[19:53] JG: brb

[19:56] JG: whats in it for

[19:56] JG: me

[19:56] Shayna Korobase: what's "in it" for you?

[19:56] Shayna Korobase: I thought you and he were friends

[19:56] Shayna Korobase: am I wrong?

[19:56] JG: just doing business

[19:56] Shayna Korobase: business?

[19:56] Shayna Korobase: this is a game... not business

[19:56] Shayna Korobase: are you one of the poeple I wrote about in my blog?

[19:57] JG: well im a queen its business to me i paid for that soul

[19:57] JG: and he has not talked to me in a long time so i guess he is not that good of a friend

[19:58] Shayna Korobase: you told a friend "XXX" that there was nothing to worry about and that it wouldn't effect him coming to me

[19:58] JG: whatever

[19:59] Shayna Korobase: oh come on....

[19:59] Shayna Korobase: is that what you told him ?

[20:00] Shayna Korobase: are you one of the types of vampires that deceives even your friends just to get ahead in this GAME?

[20:01] Shayna Korobase: listen...... I don't care about soul counts and all that silliness.... I just want XXX to be happy

[20:01] Shayna Korobase: so you are ignoring me now?

[20:03] Shayna Korobase: you may want to read this

One of JG's friends asked her on our behalf and she responded with "fuck them and the horse they rode in on"

My vampire friends..... if Bloodlines is a "business" to you then you are an INSULT to vampire lovers everywhere and have no "business" being involved in this game we love. You are the type that buy souls and walk around saying "I am Queen of blah blah blah" yet you have absolutely NO role play. Bloodlines is so much more satisfying when you actually RP and play with honor and dignity. True vampires don't suffer from burnout. The true vamps don't eventually "walk into the sun" like the business vamps.

So when you crash and burn we'll be there to scatter your ashes, gather up your orphaned minions and teach them the TRUE path of the vampire.

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