Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Darkadia Sim... What's Your Kink?

Recently I starting diving a little deeper into the world of BDSM culture and fashion and what I have discovered in my travels are two places nestled in the Darkadia sim that stand out.

The Latex Web can be described as a high fashion artistic latex fetish pair of designers who's designs are so unique and original that one can't help but to stop and stare as if viewing a brilliant painting in a gallery. This is what I found myself doing when I first entered the store followed by purchase after purchase. The creativity of these fashions got my own creative juices flowing and before I knew it I was mixing and matching different outfits to create new and exciting new looks to my avatar. The ending result being the immediate recognition and compliments from people where ever I go.

One of the creators of The Latex Web is Tunturia Tolsen. Upon meeting her face to face for the first time it was clear to me why this store and sim are so unique. Tunturias creativity with her own avatar is inspiration. I found myself asking her questions like "Where'd you get those shoes? What skin is that?" and many more which she gladly shared with me. Sasaya Seidler is the second half of this dynamic designing duo and also the key sim designer. Let me tell you my loyal readers..... Sasaya knows how to make beautiful sims! I often find myself walking the garden she created while listening to Enya on iTunes.... it's THAT beautiful! She is also a key figure in their unique clothing design. All I can say is..... if you like kink... then you'll love The Latex Web! You can visit them at

Next up was a visit to Le Fetiche! This is an upscale BDSM club with high class members and even higher class owner Dantelicia Ethaniel. She is STUNNING to look at as evident by my constant perv cams of her *Tee Hee* and like Tunturia is quick to share her fashion tips. Le Fetiche is a beautiful establishment with exceptional decor and staff that create an immersive canvas from which to enjoy your BDSM kinks. If you really want to get your kink on then you can walk down to the basement of the club where an assortment of high quality toys awaits. Everything from cages to wall crosses and all loaded with top notch fetish animations. If you decide to visit you just might find me relaxing in a chair watching the show *winks*.

I give this sim 5 stars without hesitation. The ONLY drawback to the sim is.... a wee bit of lag.... some times. But Second Life lags any time a sim becomes popular right? ;)

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