Monday, December 26, 2011

Ash Does it Again

A while back I wrote a review of Blue Galaxy and the creations of Ash Soyinka. Well Ash has done it again with new avatar and clothing releases using the latest advances in MESH.

While shopping on the secondlife market place for anything "mesh avatar" I stumble upon a skin made for a new avatar called "Blue Galaxian". I immediately teleported to the Blue Galaxy main store and sim and found the new avatars and clothing.... picked my color and made my purchases. I couldn't wait to get home so I unboxed the avatar right there and tried it on. I am amazed at how good this avatar is. Worth a HECK of a lot more then the measly $1,000Ls this avatar shows again why Blue Galaxy creations are one of the most popular avatars in secondlife. But there's more.....

Ash gives you FREE full permission PSD files of the skins and clothes so you can create and customize your own look. As always his message of "be creative" rings true even in the world of mesh where customizing is near impossible and rarely done outside the main creator. So I opened my PhotoShop and went to work adding a few "details" my naked kitty just HAD to have...*WINKS*

A word of note on textures in mesh. There are many mesh avatar creators popping up in SL and a small number understand the importance of fast rezzing and low lag textures. Every texture that Ash creates is not only high detail (like you see in most high quality pictures,) but also low lag and fast rezzing. There is no "blurry now wait" with his textures and that makes this blogger very happy.

So stop by Blue Galaxy ASAP and get yourself the "Blue Galaxian" avatar. You'll be glad you did..... I am.

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