Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Death of SecondLife Bras

HAHA that's right you read that title correctly. The female residents of SecondLife use to have the most perky boobs in all cyberdome... but then a mad scientist programmer at Linden Labs decided to create a spray that dissolves all SL bras unleashing a torrent of wobbly and uncontrolled boobie swingage!

Although I jest... there is in part some truth to this. Some where along the line some perverted SL viewer programmer got the idea in their head to add the DUNK to the BADUNKA-DUNK in SL...... and it has been the "butt" of jokes from THIS SL resident ever since.

Now far be it for me.... an implant user.... to poke fun at SLs unrealistic avatars but big... even absolutely HUGE boobs in SL actually really exist in real life. Just do a google search and you will see tons of adult film stars with outrageously huge cans. But every real life woman will agree... that the physics of SL boob and butt jiggling can some time reach comical levels.

Where did this fetish for constantly swaying mammaries and boingy boingy glutes come from? Well if you're a fan of anime you will notice the Japanese tend to like big jiggly boobs.... and lets face it... almost EVERY computer programmer in the WORLD is a fan of anime. Don't deny it... you know it's true ;)

In real life depending on the size of ones love pillows and style of bra there can be some slight bouncing from time to time. Like...... jogging for instance. Or bouncing on a trampoline. But girls with biggums will tell you that uncontrolled bouncing boobs..... is PAINFUL!!! I guess that's the beauty of SL..... we feel no pain. Where else can you fall from 1k meters up flat on your face and live to tell about it?

The introduction of SL avatar physics in SL has had some nice results. Some avatars owners understand the art of subtlety and made their jiggling barely noticeable giving their avatar a realistic "aliveness". Others however.... have jacked up the bounce-O-meter so high that their boobs and butts keep swaying 10 minutes after they stopped moving. Looking more like a tall tower of jello on crack.

In summary... SL boob-n-butt physics if used properly can enhance your avatars appearance. However it can also be better then stand up comedy if not. So to all you SL residents with Tig-ol'-Bitties and Bombastic Booties I say...... keep burning those SL bras.... trash your Buns Of Steel DVDs..... and keep making the rest of us smile ;)

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