Monday, August 19, 2013

The New iBoobs Natural Mesh Implants

 I rarely do any implant reviews because so many others already do.... however when the owner and creator of iBoobs Vanessa Langstrumpf visited my SPANKED store one morning I noticed quickly she was not wearing any implant I have ever seen before. She revealed to me that they were the new iBoobs Natural Mesh implants and due to be released real soon. I was super excited because they looked so damn good. She sent me a prototype of the implants and right in front of her I added my SPANKED skins to them.... perfection!
These implants are of the same format as Lolas Tango, Lush and Tiny Things B-Busty in that they work with normal skin and clothing templates which makes them super easy to texture. What I love most about these implants are their unique shape and super detailed and HD nipples. One thing to take note of is that they do not clip as easily as other mesh implants. By clipping I mean you can go pretty large without any seams showing on the sides. This is a problem with Lolas Tango.... you can only go so big and not really big for some tastes.
The iBoobs natural Mesh also come with Ring Nipple Piercings, lactation, multiple clothing layers, flashing, growing and shrinking options and two nipple sizes. Lolas Tango Top, Bra and Skin are usable with Natural Mesh Appliers. Implant Nation MCI, UI, iBoobs and Ecorp appliers are also usable.
You can pick up a pair at the iBoobs main store for only $999L. That's a fantastic price for such high quality Implants! While you're at it stop by SPANKED Skins & Fashion for a matching skin ;)

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