Friday, October 11, 2013

SPANKED Fantasy Skins for Lolas & Phat Azz

When Lolas released the Tango mesh implants I got to work on the SPANKED Fantasy line of skins. Since then I have seen my skins used in all sorts of genre ranging from Sci-Fi to fantasy and beyond. Well now we have Phat Azz by Luck Inc and I personally think having Aqua Blue skin and a big booty on this sexy Asari is just what the Doctor ordered tee hee ^^

The SPANKED Fantasy line of skins are HAND PAINTED & COLORED. This is important to know. They are not just color washed skins. All original tones of whites, darks, pinks and more were preserved giving them a depth other color skins just don't have. Appliers work with Lolas Tango, Mirage, iBoobs, Lush & Tiny Things mesh implants as well as the Phat Azz appliers. Come get yours at the SPANKED main store or on the MarketPlace. To see the Asari photoshoot go to my Asari Flickr page.

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