Thursday, May 22, 2014

SPANKED Skins Updated!

SPANKED Skins have updated to include appliers for all major name brand implants all in one package for one low price. You simply can't get this level of skin quality for this price!

There are 2 types of breast implants:
1. Old school sculpt style
2. Mesh

Spanked skins offers old school sculpt appliers for all major name brand such as Lolas Naturals & pushups, eCorp Anime, Overfilled & Natboobs, Implant Nation, Icon, Foxbean, iBoobs Natural & Busty, Sinful Needs and vString XL breasts. >>>>>No support for Mused Milk Made implants at this time. Mused MM implants have been "broken" when it comes to applying skins ever since they came out. hopefully they will fix this in future updates.<<<<< 

For mesh implants we have Lolas Tango & Mirage, iBoobs, Sking Boops, vString Revo, Tiny Things B-Busty, Lush, TMP and pretty much any implants that allows Tango appliers.

This package also includes appliers for mesh asses such as Phat Azz, Sking Brazilia, Ghetto Booty and Perfect Bum along with appliers for Slink mesh hands, feet and faces as well as appliers for the new WOWMEH mesh bodies. >>>>Slink face hud offers the first 8 makeups options ONLY due to the original skin tooth makeup. No need for tooth makeup on a mesh face ;) <<<<

SPANKED Skins is a leader in "enhanced" skins since 2011 and is one of the VERY few skins that support "old school" sculpt implants.

7 different Tones to choose from and all are hand painted and blended.

Stop by SPANKED Skins & Fashion TODAY!

As always updates are free for life. If you own something that is not supported by SPANKED please contact Shayna Korobase via notecard with complete details.

Thanks and enjoy your new SPANKED Skins!
Shayna Korobase

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