Thursday, May 14, 2015

End of Another Era: Motorworld Closing :(

Way back on June 23rd, 2009 I wrote about a place I discovered called Motorworld. I spent the past 6 years going there to ride bikes, chat, make friends and explore all the connected sims and roadways. But sadly I received some bad news yesterday from the sim owner Melody Regent. Motorworld is closing :'(

I just want to say to Melody, her staff and all the friends I made throughout the years that you all will be missed and thank you for running and participating in the best biker sims in Second Life.

I for one will be taking one last ride. Come join me while the sims are still open at . Put on your best chaps, hop on your Hog and blaze the roads on last time in honor of a great biker sim.

One last look. Farewell Motorworld. 

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