Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Gynoid's Life

I know I don't blog much these days but hopefully that will change. Lately I have been enjoying the life of a Gynoid love doll and having a blast. I wanted something different from my regular time in Second Life so I created this sexy (and always changing) look.

To really immerse myself into this world I added a few tools such as the Autonomy Control Systems or ACS for short. I installed a CCU, voice chip, BPIC Battery Port and the ER Robot SoundFX. With ACS basically anyone who can figure out the panel located on my back can control me any way they please.

For this look I'm wearing the ER Jouet Doll head with LCKY Hair, Maitreya mesh body, Vista Bento hands and various implants ranging from Foxbean, VSO and vString. This Gynoid can also be outfitted with female and male genitals for whatever the user needs and believe me..... users are demanding lol!

The two major places I role play at are at the ACS headquarters located at and Regula Robotics Estate located at . If you'd like to have a good time as a Gynoid, Drone, Toy, Doll or what have you hen these are the places to be. And if you want to control these lovelies well..... come catch us. We are of service ;)

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