Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gothic Vampiress & Cleric Duals

At least once a week the dark side of me comes out and relives my younger goth/vampiress days.

I put this style together during one of my crazed shopping frenzies.

Usually if someone gets a little too close this is the last thing they see.

Bust a move with Fancy Gun-Kata! I picked up these Cleric Duals and let me say a few things about them. The Gun Kata and Soul Shot alone is worth the price. The added bonus of these being VERY well detailed artistic looking guns is great. The only issue... and it could be me or SL... is lag. My friend Kazime also owns these these guns and today in my gun range we both agreed that these lag. BUT... the creator contacted me and is eager to help...... I'll keep you posted.

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