Friday, September 26, 2008


My personality has been described as fiery and in your face... and I LOVE IT! Many months ago I heard about a group in SecondLife called the Green Lanterns. They "Serve and Protect" the citizens of SL. I don't mind helping people in a jam but if a griefer comes-a-knockin' I'm usually more apt to thoroughly obliterating them instead of holding them off and sending abuse reports. So because of that nature I lean towards being a Red Lantern.

Sitting high atop a building in the awesome looking sim The Abyss (95, 187, 236) Red Lantern Shayna looks at the citizens below. Looking for a griefer to even think about starting trouble.

Shayna sees a griefer..... cocky.... arrogant.... the griefer starts talking nasty to local women and beating up men trying to protect them. The anger gradually builds.... rises....... burns.... until it reaches critical mass and with a banshee scream she yells "RAGE!!!!!!" and her entire body bursts into a red plasma flame. She swoops down like a falcon and snatches the griefer right out of his ghetto sneakers. No one ever sees the griefer in these parts again.

The flames you see were created by a wonderfully talented individual named Jeadeen Niles. After seeing him in his Green flames I asked if he'd make red ones for me and that it would complete my costume. Being the generous heart he is Jea started work immediately. Within days I had my very own red flame suit.

This suit is fantastic and EVERYONE stops to take a second look when I fly by. When I land it says "Calm" and when I launch it yells "RAGE!". It can even be controlled by chat commands spoken on a private channel. This is hands down one of the coolest things I have in my arsenal and I cant thank Jea enough. These suits are custom fit to your avatar but maybe some day he'll market them along with a body shape. Cross your fingers!

Until then.... all you griefers out there.... look out for me. And if you hear an ear splitting "RAGE!!!" you're probably already dead.

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Doll said...

Ok that just makes me want to be bad...giggles. Oh did I say that outloud? Shay! Your trying to get me in trouble!