Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Box: All Girls Club

Not long ago Frey, Stacia and I closed the doors to Okeanides. But during the final stages of the sim we were already planning a new venture..... something fun. In the Jacuzzi on Freys island is where the idea of The Box: All Girls Club was born.

The 3 of us would often look for places to dance away from the overly enlarged noobie penises of yucky SL boys. We often frequented places like Wet Kitty, Lez Zeppelin, Lez-B-Friends, Island of Mysteria and more. We half joked about how cool it would be to build a place of our own. Well..... we did!

The Box AGC is a place for fun for letting your hair down and cavorting with others.

We have all Sinewave loaded dance ball and poles for hih quality dances and "All Request Dance Parties" with the fabulous DJ Brandi.

We are equipped with a sauna which we lovingly refer to as the "HOT BOX", A Cuddle room or "CUDDLE BOX", the "DUNGEON BOX" (use your imagination), the "URBAN BOX" (little grunge lovin' zone) and the "POSH BOX" (for those more sophisticated lovers).

The box encapsulates the combined ideas, talents and efforts of the trio and is a testament to their enduring friendship and love for one another.

As always The Box is a CLOTHING OPTIONAL dance club so come dressed.... or undressed to kill. Visit us at: The Box: All Girls Club, Aspen Park (176, 132, 711)

See you soon!

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