Saturday, December 20, 2008

Brave New Worlds

Well it's finally here! After months and months of wanting to open the official main store of Brave New Wolds I finally did it.

Brave New Worlds started out as "SHAYNA'S" over a year ago because I simply couldn't think of a better name. I started selling clothing but realized quickly that I was not that good. So I started making more prim base creations and in time the mojority of everything I sold was prim based. With that I needed a new name.... that's where Frey came in with the brilliant name of Brave New Worlds. THANKS FREY! YOU ROCK!!!

In this picture you see Stacia's store Gatherings and Freys clinic behind me. I'm surround by the two best friends I could ask for... YAY ME!!!

Here's me looking up at the BNW main entrance. Sign logo compliments of Cathiee who is a gifted graphic designer and SL-Photographer.

So it is in victory that I raise my arms in celebration of making my dreams come true. And a big warm THANK YOU to my friends and customers without whom none of this would be possible.

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