Monday, November 2, 2009

Spell Fire Weapons & Amazon Celt

I have been making swords for a while now but stayed with DCS2 compatible weapons only. But as time went by I needed something different.... something that would work with targets that take damage. Enter the Spell Fire weapons and combat system.

Special is in the "bullet" class of weapons. Bullet meaning that it actually fires an invisibe bullet that hits or misses your intended target. This takes much more skill then the typical DCS2 key bashing fest that you see often. These bullets are also of various levels. For example: a single hand sword does less damage then a two handed but is faster.

I started crafting Spell Fire weapons as soon as I got the scripts and tested them. I am very pleased with the results and also with how effective they are in combat. Speaking of combat.... I recently joined the Amazon Celt clan as a Blacksmith and keep pretty busy forging various weapons for them. This is a wonderful sim of sisters who all love the amazon life style. Beautiful builds and landscaping make this a great place for roleplay, romance, battles, celebrations of just relaxing to take in the sites. I have found a new home!

So stop by the Amazon Celt sim and while you're there visit the market and look for my Brave New World weapons vendor. See you soon! *kisses*

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