Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tol Daeannon in Sharindlar

Well as you know I love to explore and whenever I find a sim that keeps me coming back I tend to want to share my joy. My sisters of the Amazon Celt Clan and I go exploring via horseback and on one of those journeys we happened to wander into Tol Daeannon in Sharindlar.

First let me say that the landscaping is breath taking to say the least. I found myself just aimlessly walking the sims and exploring the many beauties it contained. The poeple of Sharindlar are equaly beautiful in their friendliness to strangers as well as their strong commitment and love for each other.

I opened a small shop in their trading ship and was invited to group. Soon after I received a group message about a melee training class.... so I quickly TP'ed there and participated. Bimbofun or General Bim as they like to call her is the leader of the Kings Army and also an excellent teacher. She runs her classes in an orderly fashion and usually keeps the fun factor high.

My favorite thing about this sim is their constant training and battles. They plan and implement complex team strategies and create scenarios for their warriors to work with. Spell Fire scripted weapons are the norm here and THANK GOD!

So in essence I have found another sim to explore and have fun in. Two thumbs up!

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Bimbofun said...

Thank you Shayna!!