Monday, March 29, 2010

Colonial Vipers & Raptor

For a long time I said I wouldn't build any colonial ships from Battlestar Galactica but..... I did. It started many months ago actually and took quit a long time to finish. But as my skills in sculpting increased so did the changes I felt were needed on the builds. So here they are.... the Viper MK-II, MK-VII and Raptor.

The Assault Raptor is done and looks really good but I'm tinkering with the missile scripts right now. The original ships were all PCS & CCC combat eneabled but recently simplified and converted to VICE.

My best friends Freyakc, Hadley and Stacia have been helping me beta test the combat system with dog fights on our sim. My favorite part is what happens when you get a kill. I rigged it so they literally explode in a giant flash with debris flying everywhere. SO FUN!

As always I set it up so everyone gets updates as I make changes. Hope you like'em :)

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