Friday, February 26, 2010


One of the behaviors that I have noticed for a long time in SecondLife is..... jealousy. This emotion is often triggered by envy, insecurity or bitterness and often leads people to make rash and irrational decisions.

But why am I bringing this up?....... Well recently I was targeted by a group from BSG-47 and banned me from their sim. Their reason?.... stealing. Apparently someone on that sim after over two years on the market AND on sale at the mall space I rented from them decided to accuse me of stealing something and I don't even know what it is. They say it's something to do with my Cylon Centurion Elite Edition forearm weapon. So let's discuss shall we? :)

My centurion was created over 2 years ago and was heavily used on the BSG-47 sim. For the short time I was a member there my centurion had several updates in shape, textures and so on. But what remained constant were the FREE open source LoLSBS gun scripts that I modified for my use and installed in my centurions arm. For the record.... and easily verifiable.... I contacted Auron Prefect who is the creator of the gun scripts to help me with the gun. He showed me how the scripts worked, how to get the bullets working and more. My gun was up and running.... no problem. A few months after the centurion was released Dollwife Pink told me they were making a few changes to the meter they use on the sim and that she'll be giving me scripts so my gun will work with their new setup...... full perm of course.... AND agreed upon that the scripts would be sold as part of my entire centurion package. Seems simple right?..... verbal agreements and all..... that's what I thought too.

Well not long after I left the sim I made another BIG change to my centurion which included going back to my original gun scripts. This came shortly after BSG-47 stopped using my centurions for their RP.... but... I still rented mall space from them and continued to do so up until they closed the sim down for a massive makeover. When they re-opened the sim I went back looking for the mall so I can rent a spot but couldn't find it. I had to be shown where it was by a kind person who happened to ask me if I needed any help. When I finally got there I noticed they lowered the prims and raised the price. I decided I wasn't going to rent there anymore because to be honest.... sales in the old "good spot" were slim and the new location... in my opinion... was too hidden. I was contacted about 2 weeks later by Lillystar Parx who apparently took over their mall. She asked me if I would be renting again and I told her no and why. I thought everything was fine..... I was so wrong. A week later I find myself banned from the sim. When I asked Lillystar she said that I was using one of THEIR player created weapons in my cylons. When I asked for a name so I could confront this misinformed person (aka: liar) I was told that this person had already contacted me and that I should know who it is already....... ummmm.... that never happened. No one has ever contacted me that I can recall. I again asked her in IM's for more info so I can confront this person..... and I have been ignored ever since.

For a while I have kept the peace between me and the folks at BSG-47. I don't blame them all... that would be silly. But the powers that be have a tendency to twist the truth to suit their own personal needs. While I was renting from them they had no problems with my centurion.... but as soon as I stop renting from them... PRESTO..... slapped with a ban and a "thief" sticker on my file. What a load of CRAP!

So why do I say the word jealousy? Well..... why else would they be messing with me and my centurion? I mean... I was the VERY first in SL to accurately recreate the Cylon Centurion MK-II and continued to update it over the years. I was the VERY first to make the Re-imagined Razor series version of the Model 0005 Centurion in SL..... will that be targeted next? What's surprising to me is that Darsh... the sims main creators at BSG-47 is a far better builder and scriptor then I am. He has no reason to be jealous or threatened by me at all. In fact I admire his amazing skills..... even though he and I don't like each other, it doesn't mean I won't give him his props as a creator.

So who is this "creator" who is accusing me of stealing and why oh why are they hiding behind the cowardly shield of anonymity? Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to the irrational behavior of some people in SL. All I can do is keep building.... keep having fun with my friends... and pay them no mind. The truth... in the end.... is always revealed.

I for one would like to know where the miscommunication happened so this can be resolved. But how can anything be resolved if the accusing party won't talk to you? yeah..... I know... I was thinking that too *winks*

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Thorn said...

Well the Bsg-47 sim tends to not give people the whole truth to anything, they will manipulate the facts to their own end. Like my Ban from the sim cause i knew Cathiee, and we live in the same town, and have the same ISP so our external IP address is the same. If they took the time read the all the information that was given them from Myself, Starbuckk, and several others how ISP's work and how Comcast works they would know why we have the same IP address.

I will tell you that most of the current BSG build is not Darsh it is Mudlin String, who got most of the items from Xavier and Dollwife pink from BSG-U and when he made a few items when Doll was in 47 running the cylons till Lillystar pushed her out.
ALl BSG sims will look the same the builds will look similar they have too, since you all are reproducing what is already out there. Like all Star Trek Phasers You can only vary so much from the look, and honestly they get their panties in a twist and ban you over a silly gun it is their loss Also that your Cylon was made before Mudlins so who is really "stealing".
Banning is the stupidist thing in the world also, if anyone really desired to play they would just make another Alt and play or visit the sim under the new alt.
They can not ban on mac address so it does no good excepts creates drama and makes them feel powerfull.