Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blue Galaxy

I truly believe in the network of life. How one teeny tiny moment can lead us to something grand and wonderful. One evening while hanging out in my favorite scifi sim Starbase Alpha I happen to see in the corner of my eye an interesting avatar. I cam'ed in to get a closer look and saw very detailed armor and was stunned at how beautiful it was. So I right clicked and inspected it to get the creators name and found the name Ash Soyinka. I checked out the profile and found his store and TP'ed there right away. What I found...... astonished me!

Before I continue let me just say that rarely do words fail to describe my experiences. But in this case words truly do not capture the splendor of the sim created by Ash. This sim simply has to be seen to grasp the full artistry and elegance.

I strolled into the store where I found an adorable Lulinae Bauble avatar and lots of matching clothes and armor. I wasted no time in making a bunch of purchases and trying them on right then and there.

After I finished shopping I proceeded to explore the lands. It's truly amazing! There are two sims of what I refer to as "Scifi Nature." A mix of nature set in a futurist, almost other worldly atmosphere. The combination of scenery and music makes it the perfect place for relaxation and calm.

While there I saw a poster for an upcoming Android avatar that Ash was working long and hard on. From what everyone in the group told me, Ash is a perfectionist...... um... DUH! HAHA! I say that because you get that impression instantly when you first arrive in the sim. The android looked incredible and I wanted one NOW! But like everyone else I had to wait a few more weeks....... it was well worth the wait.

In speaking with Ash he told me of a new store design he was working on and sent me a few snapshots. I was sworn to secrecy that I wouldn't tell anyone what I saw.... and I kept that promise. I was excited because I knew that VERY soon the new store and avatar would be released. A little over a week later..... the Androids had invaded!

People showed up in hordes and everyone was gathering around the Android vendor to get their hands on one. What I love most about Ash is not only is he brilliant in his abilities as a designer but also promotes creativity by giving copy mod rights to his products and asks people to get creative. I looked around and saw people modifying their androids. Each person creating their own unique style..... I joined them ;)

If you are looking for something new then Blue Galaxy is a place you want to put on the top of your list. It is absolutely stunning and the people are warm and friendly. Not to mention Ash.... one of the most gifted and not to mention personable people I have ever met. Check it out.... we just might run into each other.

Click here to visit Blue Galaxy

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