Saturday, May 21, 2011

T&S Norton Cafe Racer

I love bikes... loooooove bikes! Especially when something new and innovative is released. However I'm not the biggest fan of attachment style bikes as they usually don't handle very well. They look great.... just handle like poop. Well my feelings on the subject are forever changed thanks to Tes Tiramisu and her team of builders at Amber Racing Association.

I discovered ARA a while ago and ever since then it's been a destination of choice whenever I was in the mood to race my bikes on the MANY tracks they have. I became quick friends with Tes (she's mega hot!) and would often drop by her garage to check out build projects but mostly just to chat and oogle her hotness (tee hee=^^=). A few weeks ago she had a bike parked near the garage and it just took my breath away. I NEEDED to own it simply because it looked so good. I didn't care if it drove like crap... this bike needed to be in my collection. Tes assured me the bike was set for release soon so I waited..... semi-patiently HAHA!

Two days ago while visiting my good friend Minya, she just happened to be driving the newly released bike I was oggling.... The T&S Norton Cafe Racer! Without hesitation I purchased the bike and unboxed it from its crate. To my surprise it was an attachment bike... OH NO!!!! At first I was a bit sad, but that lasted only about 30 seconds once I began to use it. Let me go on record in saying that this bike is simply incredible! Handles like a dream, looks great, incredibly low script time and zero lag. Instructions were simple to understand and before I knew it I was ripping up the roads. The bike even has a drag racing feature which is soooooo fun once you learn how.... and learning was a breeze.

So you must be thinking "Is Shayna saying all this because she crushes on Tes?" and the answer to that is NO! And on that note let me tell you what I don't like about the bike. The only problem I have with the bike is you only get a single pose which is the driving pose. The only change in pose is when the bike is moving or stopped... your feet move to hold you up. As an avid SL biker I tend to just park my bike with other bikers and shoot the breeze looking cool with various biker poses. Can't be done with this bike however. So little miss pushy Shayna IM'ed Tes and gave suggestions. Now most of you know that we builders are a temperamental bunch and we normally don't take criticism very well. I can say that Tes is incredibly opened minded and was very receptive to the idea. In fact a few hours later she contacted me and said "I told our animator you ideas." How cool is that! I will write a short follow up blog if and when the parking poses are added.

I give this bike 5 stars even without the parking poses because it's simply an incredible bike. And for $1500L how can you pass this up? Stop by Amber Racing Association TODAY and check out the T&S Norton Cafe Racer.... you'll be glad you did :)

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