Wednesday, June 22, 2011

BSG Mystery Solved

Back in February of 2010 I was banned from the BSG-47 sim for allegedly stealing scripts and using them without permission. I even wrote a blog about it which you can read here:

In the blog I "called out" my accusers to provide me the name of the person who claimed I stole their scripts, but they ignored me. Basically.... I was sentenced without trial. I ignored it and went on with my SL-life... until 2 days ago. But let's start from the beginning of how this all began.... yet again.

A few weeks ago while in my space station at Outpost Alpha I noticed a few people flying around the sim that were pretty close. Close enough for me to cam and see who they were. I contacted one of them and asked if she needed help finding anything as I'm on staff there. She introduced herself as Shego Caerndow and told me her and her friends we admiring the cool stations and space scenes. We chatted some more and I discovered that she was the primary owner of BSG-Exodus. She also invited me to come by when the sim opens. Cool right?

I got a message from her a few weeks later saying they are open and to come by and check it out. I finished up what I was doing and headed over. I noticed a few concerns and quickly told her to double check the agreement they have with Universal Studios just to be on the safe side. She appreciated my concern and thanked me for telling her. It would be a shame to see a sim shut down after all that hard work was put into it.

I had to log off for a little while but intended to continue my tour. When I logged back on I tried TPing to the sim and the TP kept failing. Right away I thought "oh great... let me guess... I'm banned"... So I contacted Shego and asked if the sim was full... she said it wasn't... then I asked her to check the banned list and low and behold I was banned. Long story short I asked who banned me and it was Lillystar parx (the same person I spoke to about my banning at BSG-47). Shego couldn't understand why and said she'd look into it. I told her not to bother that it really wasn't worth my time. That if a sim wanted to ban me for no reason then clearly they are misguided and not a sim I want any part of. But as time went by I grew upset. All this time has passed and the BS lie told about me... still haunts me. I decided I would pursue this. I contacted Lillystar and asked why..... she said it was because of the "stolen gun" BS but this time..... she gave a name.... "Mud". She then... ignored me... but I had a name.

I searched their group and sure enough found Mudlin String. This morning I contacted Mudlin and he was very quick in wanting to open a line of communication. He told me that it wasn't scripts but instead a rifle he made that someone rezzed and claimed I sold them. I had always assumed it was scripts I was accused of stealing because the BSG-47 admins would give avatar vendors the gun scripts to support the meters they used. I was shocked to hear Muds words because 100% of all my avatar builds are my own. Someone actually accused me of packaging and selling someone ELSES build. How utterly preposterous! After a good long talk we discovered this was obviously someone screwing with the both of us or just one giant mistake. Either way....there was no evidence..... no proof. FINALLY... someone with enough common courtesy to talk to me face to face to resolve this obvious misunderstanding. Mudlin and I hashed everything out and in the end parted on good terms. He went on to make this statement in his profile picks:

Shayna Korobase never stole anything from me

after well over a year of
rumours flying around i finally met with shayna.. about a year and a half ago i
was approached by someone that claimed that they bought an avatar on xstreet
created by shayna that had as part of it a gun i made for 47..
I've talked to
shayna and its come to our attention that this was a mindfuck by someone that had
both of us in their target as someone that wronged them somehow..we dont know
who it was but we put 1 2 and 3 together and have some idea. If you have ever
heard that shayna stole from me now ill put it clear she did not..unfortunately
the mind fuck just didn't effect us as sl mindfucks seem to spread to drama
llama and grow into something else all if you have made a decision
based on this mindfuck ide ask you to please rethink it and understand that if
someones accused of stealing and have not that they will of course be angered by
that. Mudlin string 06/22/2011

So after over a year and a half of being accused of being a thief, Mudlin and I are finally brought together to clear these matters up. But let me say this.... look at my history in SL. Look at the sim I own and run, look at the friends I have, look at the businesses I run, look at the hundreds of original products I have created and look at the volunteer work I have done. Why would a person who does all that steal? Silly I know but this kind of thing happens. Some of the most respected builders I know have been accused of worse.... and not one of them ever found guilty by Linden Labs.

Mudlin and I were kept apart for some strange reason but I'm glad we got to finally meet and prove once and for all that I was falsely accused. All I have to say to Mudlin is... thank you for being a GROWN UP! To the ones that didn't give me a chance I only say this "I forgive you."

Case closed...... I hope.


Anonymous said...

That's really awesome news, Shayna. I for one would never believe something so ridiculous about you. I also know how juvenile people can be in SL and there are some truly psychotic subhuman assholes running around - we all know who they are.

So, congratulations on having your name cleared!

Cathiee McMillan said...

Hello, Shayna
Glade to hear your not banned from bsg-exodus and the misunderstanding over a silly Cylon Gun which if is done correctly all them would look alike wouldn't they.
I remember that post you made and told doll that hey Didn't her and Mud work on that gun in BSG-47. She was like yep.

Shayna Korobase said...

I just heard from a former member of that sim that they closed down in the spring of 2012. WOW... they didn't last long at all did they? Karma truly is a bitch ;)