Thursday, September 8, 2011

MESH in Second Life

When I first heard about MESH coming to SL I was a bit concerned on how it would affect the performance of the servers... but at the same time I was excited with thoughts of the possibilities. Well MESH is now officially in Second Life and I am VERY HAPPY!!!

This picture is a new MESH avatar by UTILIZATOR. The body is so perfect it's frightening. A far superior alternative to the SL standard avatar. The apron is by Bare Rose who has also entered the MESH race. Hair is by Truth. Check out the complete picture set at:

As an implant skin maker who loves her implants I must assume that some mesh avatar makers will enter the BIG BOOB industry. Before you get excited it is important to know that mesh is not as customizable as the standard avatars, sculpts and prims. However, as the popularity of mesh grows so too will the selection of mesh avatars and mesh fashions. I look forward to the future of MESH in Second Life.

1 comment:

Soul Train said...

Icon has already begun releasing mesh boobs along with the prim sets, and will probably give you a pair with your next update.

That said... the clothing applicators are not yet working for them. But they look delicious. :D