Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hisoka Z850T

Recently I have started building my collection of mesh based items like clothing, avatars, bikes and cars. While racing around in one of my new cars I saw a guy driving an insane looking sports car that was entirely mesh. It looked incredible and based on looks alone I HAD to have it. When I asked him he informed me it was not yet released but gave me an LM to where it will be located once done.

Less then a week later I TPed to this sim and found the new Hisoka Z850T released and ready for sale. I couldn't make my purchase fast enough! I rezzed my unpainted car then proceeded to add the red paint job it came with. When you buy a car you get to pick from a single base color but can buy custom paint jobs that are super easy to apply. There's even an assortment of different colored rims. I purchased a really neat red anime style and had it painted in less then 30 seconds..... WOW!

The Hisoka is feature rich and gives you the ability to tweak just about every aspect of the machine. From driving performance to windows and lights I found myself quickly falling in love with this car. Once I found the right drive setting to suit my needs I was ripping through the race tracks. If you have a need for speed this thing will blow your shorts off.... LITERALLY!!!

Ermac Kira and Ichtyo Broome are the creators of this masterpiece and are super customer friendly. They took to the time to answer all my annoying questions and even went the extra mile to make sure I was happy. Rare in secondlife to find such customer service.

While writing this review I decided to test how customer friendly they were so I asked Ermac for a custom pink anime paint job. In just a few days it was done. Now THAT is service!!!

If you are looking for a VERY under priced mesh race car then look no further then the Hisoka Z850T. At a mere $3,000L you are getting a lot of bang for your Linden buck. Come check it out at You'll be glad you did!!!

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Soul Train said...

Now I need to go look! Do they have other models? I'm a more old-school 70's style of car buyer... but if they've done up a GM or Ford (or Holden or Vauxhall) style muscle car with a blower sticking out of the hood and big fat tires bulging out of the rear wheelwells... ka-CHING!