Monday, June 11, 2012

Nudist Sim Done Right

A few months back I posted a blog about a nudist sim (initials TWCNR) that discriminated against my breast implants. Since then I have had many others come to me with their stories on how they too were discriminated against for having larger then "normal" breasts. Since the incident myself and many others never went back and we also spread the word about this place. But there's a happy ending.....

One of the great things about Second Life is that there are thousands of sims to visit. And plenty of high quality Nudist sims who accept all shapes and sizes. One of them I have been visiting lately is THE ISLAND OF BARE-NAKED ANGELS!, Mystic Valley (16, 164, 24) It is a humble little 1 sim nudist resort with great scenery and friendly people. No SNOBS here.... just people who do not discriminate. If you're looking for a great nudist sim to visit then check it out. Maybe I'll see you there ;)

*** IMPORTANT UPDATE 11/30/12***
Today my good friend Oz told me that BNA had changed. His exact words were "It sucks now." I couldn't believe my ears so I TP'ed to BNA and was absolutely shocked at the changes. Let me list the main changes taken directly from the BNA notecard in this Homestead sim:

I took away your toys.
I put barriers up around the land
I stopped you having sex
I told you there would be clothed people around
and shock horror I even said you would have to pay to enter!

To summarize the sim is NOT what I wrote about in this original post any longer. I read the entire notecard and I kind of understand where the owner is coming from. He/she does not want to pay for a sim that doesn't pay for itself. A homestead sim costs around $125 USD per month to run which is far far less then what we pay for our full sim. However the model in which BNA had was great for the visitors but not so great for the BNA owner. It just didn't generate enough income to support itself. This is a very common mistake I see in many short lived sims across SL. rezzing a few affiliate vendors and donation jars will not support a sim for long.

In the past I would visit BNA and it would be packed with people. As I stand here in BNA writing this blog at a time the sim would normally be full..... it's practically empty.


Turi said...

I love this beach also.

Turi said...

I love this place also for the same reasons I have stopped going to Wild Coast and Turtle.