Monday, July 9, 2012

Constructive Criticism or Being a BITCH?

Today I answered a group IM (in a completely unrelated group) for a girl needing a healer in some combat sim. She TP'ed me to her and we had a little chit chat about what the sim was. She said "I need a nice BUSTY healer to follow me around" and then kept asking me if I'd do it. I was hesitant at first (a usual precaution) and wanted to get to know the sim a little better. But she kept asking. I repeated that I wanted to wait then she said "don't you like make spanked skins or something?" This is where it got weird......

I said yes and then she said "the new mesh spanked skins make me look like a dude in the face". I was a little shocked but I accept criticism pretty well. But that was not the end of it... she had more to say. I wont post it here but let's just say she was a tad bit abusive and I honestly think.... insane.

As my new friend said to me when I told her this story "She is a commoner." In this case I agree.... and the girl/guy... who knows... was promptly muted.

Here's the funny part. Here's what I asked my friend after doing some digging:

[09:21] Shayna Korobase: well here's the funny part....
[09:21] Shayna Korobase: the original skin pack costs 1200L..... you NEED it if you want to use the mesh skin add on pack she is talking about. Here's where it gets better,.....
[09:22] Shayna Korobase: she already owned the 1200L pack and had been wearing it for months. Why buy the add on skin if you didn't like the original skin face?
[09:22] Shayna Korobase: does that make any sense?
[09:24] Shayna Korobase: she bought my original skin back in July of 2011. The mesh skin was not released until May of 2012. So again I must ask..... why would she buy the add on if for the last YEAR... she didn't like the faces of my skins? LMAO

Stupid truly is as stupid does I guess. HAHA... epic fail. ;)


Bridgette Urvilan said...

I'm sorry but I'm going to have to disagree with the person that said that to you. I own your spanked Light V2 skin and honestly, I think the skins are wonderful.

I'm going to assume (and I know I shouldn't assume, but I'm going to anyway!) that it was probably the shape of her face that made her look like a dude, not the skin.

That wasn't constructive at all, that's just someone hoping you'll say "OMG I'm sorry you didn't like it, here's your money back!" Silly peoples. You're skins are quality skins. Don't let wienies like that make you think any different.

Maggie Bluxome said...

Whoever this person is doesn't get it. You make great skins, Shayna. :)