Thursday, July 5, 2012

Selfish People: HELP Find This Hair

Every once in a while you come across someone who is well...... selfish. Recently I was hanging out at my favorite biker sim MotorWorld and a regular there was wearing really nice mesh hair. Let me pause a moment and say the ONE thing that really bugs me about mesh is that you can't right click and inspect to see the creator. Anyway.... so I asked this person where she got her hair and she said something like this "I don't like when people out of the blue ask me what I'm wearing. Sorry....". she then followed with "People clone my look all the time".  She refused to tell me where she got it.

Now I understand and respect her point of view however wasn't she being a little selfish? I mean... I wasn't asking where she got her skin, clothes, eyes, tattoos or anything like that..... just hair. So I said "OK well I thought you'd be cool and tell me. I mean.... look at me... do I look like someone who will clone you?" Mind you I had on my BosomMesh Big Udders body, I'm almost 7 foot tall and I was wearing all stars and stripes for the 4th of July LOL!

I decided to look for the hair and with zero results. I looked on the MarketPlace and in world and so far I can't find them. So I ask you my friends and readers.... have you seen this hair? If you have send me an IM inworld. And to the selfish people out there... Karma is a bitch ;)


Soul Train said...

You could check at ExXeSs - Layja has been doing mesh hair for a little while. Not sure if that's one of her designs or not.

Shayna Korobase said...

I want to thank everyone that looked for me. My new friend Jenna En-Ze and αмєтμєѕイ found the hair this morning. It's from Ploom and it's called Mile High Pony. See... there are many selfless people in SL. THANK YOU!

Amethest Peck said...

Shame on "mystery hag" for being so selfish...let the gossip begin!

Anonymous said...

Looks like she hacked "MY LOOK" too. *cough*.

Someone oughta tell her that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.