Friday, October 12, 2012

Suspended for 1 day... and then some

So this past week I haven't been on SL much. Tonight (about 1 hour ago) I logged on, TP'ed to a few stores I own and paid rents, checked messages from customers, groups and friends and so on. Then suddenly while in the middle of a conversation with Stacia POOF!!! I get logged out. So I try coming back a few times and no good. I decided to check my email and sure enough there was a message from LL stating that they temp suspended my account (Friday) for 1 DAY and that my account will come back on SUNDAY..... ummm... that's 2 days right?

Anyway, the reason for the suspension is due to a PG violation in the ToS that states you can not have nude pictures in your profile. This is strange because thousands of avatars have.... for years! They specifically targeted the PICKS section of my profile which had one artistic nude of me from my photo shoot in BUSTed magazine. No sex.... not me jumpin' some guy/girl/furrie or whatnot.... just a single very tastefully done nude. Hmmmmmm..... I wonder.

On to the next thought. I recently discovered the "My SecondLife" option and have been posting there quite often. Now there were indeed nude pictures of me in there but again .... artistically done and NO SEX! Fortunately I was able to delete them from the SecondLife web page.

Now mind you I got ZERO warning about this. Which is strange because let's say for example you sell products on the MarketPlace. If LL finds something in violation.... they remove it. They don't suspend you. So why couldn't they just remove the pictures they said are in violation? Hmmmm again... strange.

So a warning to you my friends. If you have even the most modest of nude pictures in your profile you better get rid of them fast. Because this is a true story and it could happen to you!


Freyakc Dragonash said...

So, why is it that porn is ok for my second life? Many of those on my friends list have NUDE Profile Pics and yet one photo in the pics section got such a reaction from linen labs. I also don't get their lack of a please take it down type warning. Why would linden labs go after something pics section and ignore blatant violations by others? I find it all disheartening.

Gatherings said...

Shayna you are right on the money here. My question is this... if it was so offensive to cause them to ban you out of the blue, then why didn't they take it down? As you said... they do on the marketplace.

I went through my friends profiles and found that quite a few have not only nude photos, but VERY adult content. I never thought twice about it.

I have to admit that while helping a customer today that their profile picture, which I couldn't help but see when I opened up a notecard to respond to them, was slightly offensive. It not only had nudity but a crotch shot of a REAL Life person. Not a pixel avatar, it wasn't artistic it was boldy staring me in the face.

Yet one artistic photo, that I dearly love, in your pics is offensive and a violation?

Second Life's Community Standards page clearly states that warnings will be issued followed by suspensions. Glad to see they are following their own policies ;)

Cathiee McMillan said...


My first gut instinct is some AR you and possibly someone who doesn't like you.
It doesn't make sense either since there are lot more offensive picts and yours have always been tasteful.
Sorry to here about the stupidity of suspending you for even a day.

Maggie Bluxome said...

Spreading the word.

Very unfortunate and VERY UNFAIR! A warning should have been issued.

Shayna Korobase said...

Thanks everyone. yeah... it's crazy what LL did to me but... am I surprised? It wouldn't be the first time a jealous/hateful person reported me for nothing.

Soul Train said...

Shoot. That means I'll have to change a couple of items in my Pics.

And yes, I believe this was targeted, probably by somebody that either was angry at you or just wanted to punk you for whatever reason.

Shayna Korobase said...

I posted this in Barts UNiversal Implants VIP group and everyone was very grateful for the warning... except 1 girl. All I have to say to that girl is "We're trying to help people not get suspended for artistic nude photos. Your profile is full of explicit photos.... better hope someone doesn't report you HAHA!"

Turi said...

Sounds like someone with a grudge.
Small mind, small person.

tlsabra said...

I am a little beyond words at this...which is unusual for many know, but ....REALLY!
I have seen profile pics much like Stacia said....and UGH...on the front page of a profile no less..I think the LL folks have kinda lost their way, and though I love my SL, I also seem a little disheartened at this silliness.... If someone was offended by your pics, click the red x and don't look, when did we not be responsible for our own actions? I just geat amazed at the efforts spent on things like this that could be spent on dealing with real issues, scammers, copy botters, and griefers that disrupt the actual SL experience, but instead...we suspend for a artsy pic in a profile pick, not the front page, but in the pick section....I guess as long as I have been around, I should know better, but grrrr.