Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Script Hunter Saga: Your Hoo Hah and YOU!

This is a first in a series of Script Hunting blogs about avatar attachment products and the amounts of scripts they carry. It is a well known fact in Second Life that excessive scripts can cause lag and even crash sims. Many clever SL-tizens like Novatech and The Box Resort have given away free script counters and notecards teaching old and new avatars how to minimize their scripts. But you'd be surprised how many people still have no idea how badly they are lagging the people around them..... or in some cases just don't care.

One of the major sources of over scripting is in clothing and prim body parts. The most notorious of them all is..... The Hoo Ha! Also known as the vagina. In this blog I will be reviewing a few prim attachment Hoo Ha and the amount of scripts and lag they create.

The first is by a person named canobu Almodovar. It can be found on the MarketPlace and is called "Mesh Panties (hud) + Mesh Pussy (hud)." As you can tell by the title it is made of mesh and in my opinion doesn't look too bad. What I like most about it is the Hoo Ha itself has only 1 script and measures at 128 KB memory usage. That is SUPER low! The hud that comes with it in my opinion is only good for changing the various states of arousal. Skin matching with the HUD is very flawed and you are better off editing the Hoo Ha by hand. However the HUD only uses a single script as well for a whopping total of 192 KB.

The next is one called [BO] Anthro Vagina. Even though it's mainly made for furries it can easily be colored to match human skin. It's modify copy and only has a single script at 128 KB and no hud. This is the Hoo Ha of choice whenever I'm in the mood to be a bunny ;)

Next is one of my favorites. The VAW XTC Vagina. It is feature rich, looks great and best of all it only has 17 scripts total, is mod copy and has a HUD. The bad news is the script time on the Hoo Ha alone is 1152 KB and 3136 KB with the HUD. The Hoo Ha and HUD combined only add 34 scripts to your count but significantly increases your lag compared to the others.

One I have been using a long time is the Lotus Pussy Evolution, Sapphire Edition. It's super easy to use, skins quickly and comes in at only 23 scripts at 912 KB. The really bad news however is the HUD at a total of 75 scripts but with a whopping 3136 memory usage OUCH!!! My advice is to wear the Hoo Ha without the HUD. You'll make everyone around you much happier.

Last but certainly not least is the Xcite X4. This one is by far the best looking of them all HOWEVER it comes it at a blazing 107 scripts with a script memory of 6912 KB!! Double OUCH!! But even worse is the HUD that brings you to 134 scripts at an uncalled for 8640 KB memory usage. OMFG!!! I LOVE this one but for a while I stopped wearing it all together because it's just not worth the lag and hassle. HOWEVER after speaking with someone from Xcite and getting a thorough education on the newer X4 and realizing mine was a very old version (I think a little over a year old) I updated my X4 and used the updated "Eject Scripts" feature which does exactly what the title says.... ejects the scripts. This leave you with a scriptless vagina that looks amazing.

A note on memory usage and script time. They ARE different! High memory usage does not always mean high script time. A great way for sim owners to get a true reading on their patrons is to use the built in secondlife script time tools. For example the X4 vagina when looked at this way came in at a very very low actual script time. Mostly because a good percentage of the scripts are dormant. There are some tools out there that measure script time as well as count and memory usage. I would advise avatars to invest in such tools so they can get an overall accurate reading on the things they wear.

So there you have it. There are many more on the market that I did not cover here. But remember.... be aware of the scripts they have. If you can use a script scrubber on your favorite but over scripted Hoo Ha then do so. It will make SL not only a more beautiful and sexy place to be but also make it  LAG FREE.

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