Saturday, February 16, 2013


I have been on the SL Busty scene for a long time now. I have done my fair share of shopping and creating and there are a few myths that I see popping up lately that I just don't exactly agree with.

When I started making skins for all the various implants of the time the biggest challenge was fitting the skin texture to fit just right. Each implant has it's own unique shape and thus would require different textures right? Not always the case..... let me explain.

When I first created the skin textures for Lola Naturals I was pretty pleased with the work I had done in making them match my base skin texture. When I started working on Lolas Push Ups I assumed I'd have to create an entirely new skin texture..... wrong! The texture for Naturals worked just fine and only needed a tiny bit of tweaking in the textures rotations and repeats. The same thing happened when I skinned for Foxbean implants. I noticed right away that the same textured used for Foxbean worked well (with slight adjustments) to other implant brand names. With this bit of knowledge I was able to keep track and skin for pretty much ANY implant that hit the market because they all pretty much used the same formula for sculpting.

Now we come to clothing. There is a MYTH... yeah that's right I said it... a MYTH that you have to custom texture each and every implant separately. Why do I say this is a myth? Because after working with implants for so long and seeing the commonalities from implant to implant it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that although they are different... they are basically the same and thus using a little bit of TRR (Texture Rotation & Repeats) can be made to fit almost ANY implant on the market.

Stacia Zabaleta of Gatherings is gifted in her ability to match implant tops from brand to brand. I have personally sat down and watched her in photoshop working her magic. She understands the basic structure of how implant tops work and she wont release anything until it's perfect. There is no denying based on the immense popularity of her beautiful gowns and outfits that her customers are happy with the work. She does NOT custom texture each and every implant brand. Now in some cases she has to..... but that is rare.

This is all my opinion based on experience as a builder, sculpter, mesh maker and texturer. I use grids for texturing any sculpt that needs texturing. If you'd like a quick lesson on how to texture a sculpt feel free to IM me in SL. It wont take long and you'll be glad you did.

Now we have the mesh implants such as Lolas Tango, Lush and Tiny Things B Busty. All three of these implants have something in common. THEY WERE CREATED TO WORK WITH NORMAL CLOTHES TEMPLATES! Yes.... I said it again... you DON'T need to custom texture these implants. If you have a clothing template you can easily add them to your mesh implant and with a little TRR have it fitting perfectly. In fact, these three implants are soooooooo easy to texture that MANY non-implant designers are releasing tops for them. And complexity of the top means nothing either. Again if you understand TRR you are golden.... just take Graves for example. One of the top latex makers and complicated designers on the market. She just released 4 tops for Lolas Tango implants and more are coming.

So I conclude with this statement: The myth of "custom textures for each implant" is nothing more then marketing puffery...... or ignorance.... you pick.

Stay Busty my friends ;)


peschi said...

then why you stopped releasing appliers for non mesh implants?

Shayna Korobase said...

peschi.... I haven't stopped releasing appliers for non mesh implants. In fact over the last few months I have released several non mesh items. However with the ease of mesh implants I can now release items I couldn't before ;) Visit my store and look around... you'll see ;)