Monday, February 11, 2013

R.I.P. Sphinx

I'm sitting here in tears because I just found out a secondlife friend of mine had passed away recently. Her name was Sphinx (who was known to me as Alisha) and she was the leader and president of the biker club Anarchist Daughters which later changed its name to Iron Maidens MC.

I was a member of the group for about 6 months and had many good times there. On several occasions Alisha asked me to build things for her because she appreciated my building skills and willingness to contribute. She was an even handed leader and even though I didn't agree with her on everything I respected her position. She was fun, sassy, sexy and always there for a good conversation or flirty good time.

One of the sisters shared this with me... Sphinx last words to us all:

"My Family , my Sisters with the news i have just had i am fighting my last battle i just wish i could once more be with those that i care so much for  my dream, my vision you all made possible i was never so happy as i was with you all.. my friend will convey this to you all take care my wonderful family"

Sister Sphinx... my dearest Alisha... you will be missed!

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