Saturday, September 27, 2014

BARE by JasX

This week my friends Anastasia and Shanna introduced me to this fun game called BARE and all I have to say is...... I'm hooked! If someone were to ask me to summarize what BARE is I'd describe it as Mortal Combat meets Strip Poker.

Here's how you play: When a challenge starts you are issued 5 random cards and 5 random sub-cards. You chain these cards together (it's SUPER easy to learn) and then hit the GO button. Your avatar springs into action unleashing a torrid of attacks on your opponent. If you knock off their armor it literally falls off them. So basically if you knock off a chest piece on a female warrior you just exposed her boobies LOL! The two of you keep battling until one of you runs out of HP (health points) and is soundly defeated. Kneeling down before the winner.

Now if that wasn't enough fun for you... now the loser gets punished! Depending on the settings the loser has chosen the winner gets to choose from an assortment of cute, sexy and downright kinky punishments. Like.... punishing them doggy style for example ;)

Bare is FREE if you just want to use basic attacks. However if you want to add more fighting styles you pay a very small fee and install it directly from the JasX website located at . Their website even puts you in touch with other BARE Fighters via the Arena list. Just click the arena button and look for a sim with fighters. TP to them and start laying down challenges. Most people are itching to battle so you're rarely ever left without someone to fight. This is a great ice-breaker for meeting new friends. And if no one is around you can always use the BARE Bots as sparring partners. I have two of them in my club ;)

I like this game so much I opened my own fight club on my sim. Come by and grab a free HUD then challenge me and my friends to a fight at the Fight Club at Okeanides City. I dare you to try and strip me... I DARE YA!!! ;)

BARE Promotional Video

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