Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Art Of Exploring With NLS

When I first joined Second Life I was an avid explorer. I'd teleport from sim to sim just walking and flying around seeing all the interesting builds and cool hang outs. Over the years however I started exploring less and less due to my various businesses that consumed most of my time..... not to mention fun. I noticed my log in time was reducing and my desire to log in just to work on a project started to feel an awful lot like work and as a result... I wouldn't even log on.

Over the past month I decided to work less and play more. I started exploring more and getting involved in some RP and other fun activities around SL. One of my recent discoveries was the Dr. Who inspired Tardis network by New London Systems or NLS for short. Now for years I used... and still do... the Tardis system created by Novatech. But I needed something else to add to my exploring possibilities. NLS is a network of sims all connected via the 1 prim NLS landing point or console rooms. All you do is summon your exterior (phone booth or whet ever) and pick a destination. Then you take the plunge and teleport yourself into the unknown. I particularly like using my new console room to RP my launches into new space. Right now I'm using a room called Blue Node and it fits my current needed perfectly.

So far in just 2 days I have explored easily around 30 sims. In doing so I have discovered a few places I plan on visiting again. As I was exploring the time seemed to fly by and before I knew it I was overdo for some sleep LOL! I created my own networked hot spot for NLS called "Sex Station"... Yes I own an adult themed space station LOL! I look forward to getting visitors who are also explorers like myself.

Stop by the NLS headquarters at: and take a look around. Keep exploration alive!

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