Thursday, August 27, 2015

Parcels For Rent at Okeanides

Hello all my sexy curvy friends! We recently opened up our sim for rental. Residential and commercial renters wanted. 9 parcel available at the moment in varying sizes at rock bottom prices. This is the home headquarters of major retailers like me (SPANKED), Gatherings, Freys Ironworks, Foxbean and Hybrids. Turn on property lines so you can see the borders and visit us today. This is a Private Full Region. Details below.
Okeanides Parcel #1, 820 prims 1125$L/wk
Okeanides Parcel #2, 937 prims 1250$L/wk
Okeanides Parcel #3, 1043 prims 1390$L/wk
Okeanides Parcel #4, 1182 prims 1580$L/wk
Okeanides Parcel #5, 563 prims 785$L/wk
Okeanides Parcel #6, 563 prims 785$L/wk
Okeanides Parcel #7, 556 prims 780$L/wk
Okeanides Parcel #8, 527 prims 740$L/wk
Okeanides Parcel #9, 325 prims 465$L/wk
Contact Shayna Korobase for more details.

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