Monday, September 7, 2015

Marketing in Second Life 2015

This is the third installment of my Marketing for Second Life series. The last blog I wrote on the subject was back in November of 2008. WOW! Things have changed in Second Life but the rules of marketing still stand the test of time. The key here is getting your brand name out there as much as possible and when it comes to that task you can not leave any stone left unturned.  Here's a few more tips to push your brand name in Second Life 2015.

Novatech Grid Wide Portal is a long standing tool created by Cheshyr Pontchartrain who is the owner and creator of the famed Novatech. All you need to do is rez the single prim "Light Pad", rename it, click it and set it to Gride Wide and public and presto... you are now linked to 10's of thousands of other Grid Wide portals throughout Second Life. It's that easy! Visit Novatech at

New London Systems or NLS for short is a great way to network your brand name to explorers of the famous Dr.Who series fans. And yes... those fans shop! All you need is to pick a console room (low to high prim) and rez it somewhere in your sim. Follow the instructions and turn it on. Now your brand name is networked to over 10,000 other consoles all over the grid.... and it makes for a pretty cool entrance if I do say so myself lol! Check out NLS at

Gate Network has been around a long time and is FREE to use. All you need to do is visit their marketplace page, get the free pack, unpack it and choose a gate to rez. Once you have it rezzed it's super simple to set up and again.... links you to a vast network of gates. Check it out at

Last but not least a subject some may or may not like depending on their brand name. Games..... second life networked games are very popular and bring in people who spend time in your place playing the game. There are many to choose from but a few of my favorites are the 7 Seas Fishing and BARE Fighting games. 7 Seas Fishing is a fun game you can set up and host anywhere. Fishermen can win all sorts of prizes you choose like rare fish and items. And you can even hold contests. Check out 7 Seas at

My newest favorite is the BARE Fighting system. Now I must warn you this is an adult sex oriented fighting game. But OMG is it fun LOL! It's Free to host too! All you need to do is rez the little server cube and HUD giver and then log into their site to set up your area details. Your place will instantly show up on their list of arenas. I have a few bots set up for sparring and I get lots of traffic from people coming to beat up on and have their way with my sexy male and female bots LOL! If you want to get involved in BARE just come to my store for your FREE hud located at

As I said before marketing is about getting your brand name out there as much as possible. Each tool, tip and trick I give you may not render awesome numbers individually.... but combined they can have great results. Don't just stop at these either. Get out there and actively find new ways to network your name. If you find a cool idea send me a notecard and tell me all about it. I just may check it out and add it to my growing network. I wish you all the best in success!

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