Monday, October 5, 2015

SPANKED Sorca Latex Semi Sheer Body Suit

Hello my sexy friends. I finally released the new Sorca Latex Semi Sheer Body Suit. It comes in 9 colors and works with all Omega Applier ready mesh bodies, boobs and asses. There is also a big pack where you can save 25% on your total purchase. Stop by SPANKED or visit the SPANKED Market Place to get yours today :)

Also in case you didn't know, Slink now works with Omega!!! Stacia Zabaleta and I co-wrote a blog entitled Omega's a Win Win where we encouraged customers and designers like you to contact Slink and TMP and let them know we wanted them to work with Omega. It looks like your requests have not gone unnoticed.... well... at least Slink listened anyway ;)

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