Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The S.I.C. L2968-2 is my newest toy and it certainly is SICK! For starters the size of the gun is intimidating to just about anyone who sees it. The craftmenship is second to none and simply looks AWESOME!

The gun comes with a HUD that gives you a choice of Full auto and Burst mode as well as 5 bullet types. They are: Damage, Push, Napalm, Atomic and SP Shot.

This gun has a wicked kick back that often sends you 5 to 10 meters back so make sure you have room behind you. The sounds and gun flash are very impressive but the true shining star of this gun is the SP Shot. This shot is initiated by clicking a giant red button on the HUD. Once started the gun barrel opens up and it builds up energy for the final release. The blast is 3 shots and you will be sent flying back from the kick back about 20 meters. The bullets rez into a giant glowing ball of energy upon impact and everyone near them will be pushed and orbited.

All in all I love this gun for pure destructive fun. I wouldn't use it for battles as it's not very practical...... but.... this is a fun gun that is worth the price for what it does.

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