Friday, October 24, 2008

Cylon Centurion Model 0005

As you can tell I love Battlestar Galactica. I'm especially fond of "Cylon Culture" and endeavor to recreate various Cylon icons in my SecondLife builds. My latest release being the Re-Imagined Classic Cylon Centurion Model 0005!

I got the idea for this avatar about 2 days after I released the Cylon Raider MK-VII and I immediately started researching. But I knew I did not want the "man in a suit" complete with hocky gloves and plastic sword Centurion that we see in the 70's series. I wanted to go "modern" and for that I need to go to the source. During some research for schematics I was lucky enough to find a blog written by Darth Mojo. "The Mojo" is a Visual Effect Supervisor and Artist for the Re-imagined series as well as an avid blogger. On his blog I found very detailed pictures and behind the scenes information on the modern Centurion concept.

I soon started building and in about 2 and 1/2 weeks had the first un-scripted BETA model ready for fitting. Once I had all the parts fitted to a custom shape I tinkered and tweaked until it looked right..... to me. The unarmed Centurion totaled in at a whopping 557 prims!!!

As I build I get inspired and soon realized that this model should have features that bring more realism such as guns, heavy guns, blade, classic "eye" sound, phrases and animations. This was to be the hardest part for me. I again turned to the help of my dear friend and mentor Dollwife Pink for help with the gun. I sent sent her a copy of the Cylon model TEC-9 gun for a good holstering script job. The gun you see in the Razor episode was actually based on a real life gun called the TEC-9. I added the trademark Cylon symbol on the handle for the hardcore fans. Once Doll sent me a working model I added my gun scripts to it and started testing. Oh my gosh I love this gun! But wait..... there's more......

The forearm dagger you see in the skydiving scene with young Adama was my next project. It actually wasn't hard to make and again..... I have to thank Dollwife for pointing me in the right direction. The dagger is HUD controlled for quick release and fully animated. The best thing about the blade is how bad ass it looks and sounds when you draw it.

Looking at Mojo's "extras" blog I got the idea to make the Cylon version of the M60 light machine gun. This was a lot of fun because I always wanted to make a big "butch" looking gun. This gun puts out an impressive 300 rounds before reloading an after some intense testing against battle drones (at Fairlight)..... the Cylon M60 came out the winner!

The HUD controls the blade and vocal sounds. The vocal sounds are "By your command", "It is done imperious leader", " The information is not complete" and " EXTERMINATION!" The eye sound is toggled by clicking the black part of the cylon head.

So with all that what else s there? How about.... ummm.... maybe.... hmmmm...... THE GOLD COMMANDER! That's right..... I had to do it. I included a Gold Commander with every purchase! That is 2 avatars for the price of one with 2 hand guns (gold and chrome) an M60 and daggers.

After all this hard work I just like sittin' back and looking at the Centurion brought to (Second) Life. What will I make next? Wait and see. Until then...... If you see this pointing at you........ don't bother running.... you're already DEAD!!!

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