Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Love Of FairLight

Very rarely an SL builder captures my attention with everything they make. Fairlight by Julia Faulkland is one of them. Julia is not only an incredible SL designer but also sexy as hell and super nice to her customers. Maybe she'll send me her body dimensions some day *wink wink*

As a collector of all sorts of gadgets, particularly weapons, I have had my share of purchasing good, not so good and down right waste of lindens weapons. When I purchased my first Fairlight weapon... the XLB88 Flash Rifle.... I got it because it just looked cool. I saw someone wearing it on the Doomed Ship and thought it would make a great addition to an outfit I put together. I tested the gun at the Fairlight gun range and it out performed some of my top weapons. Needless to say I was impressed. Good looks and great performance in one package? SCORE!

Soon after I picked up the Fairlight Sentinel Constructor and built a gun range on my sim similar to the one at the Fairlight main headquarters. The drones are so much fun they have become one of my main sources of stress relief. When ever I need to do battle I just rez some drones and let the carnage begin. These drones shoot back so wearing a health meter adds to the excitement. They just may KILL YOU!

While fighting drones one day my good friend Kazime pulls out the Fairlight MP-5's. These little guns look so realistic and WOW do they pack punch! She was mowing through the drones like they were made of paper. So I TP'ed to Fairlight and purchased the MP-5's and since then they have become my #1 guns of choice for everyday use. Without the silencer these little guns are loud with a very realistic sound effect. But if the noise is too much for you the silencers do a fantastic job of keeping it quiet. But they have friends........

I saw the XGU2E "Viper" Gauntlet and immediately knew I needed them. These guns are forearm mounted so they can be paired with other hand held weapons for twice the fire power. The combination of the Viper and MP-5's is simply unfair to the drones or other combatants. The shear output of this combination is just too much to handle by anyone or anything that you point them at.

My next toy is the STG-14. "The Fairlight STG-14 is a semi-automatic assault shotgun which loads standard 12-gauge shells from a 7 round magazine." It needs to reload often but is only a slight delay. The wide spread and strength of the shells means it's hard to miss your target and you are guaranteed to do some serious damage. It also comes with a front mounted light for all you SWAT role players.

The Fairlight Grenade Belt is a fun addition to anyone's arsenal. In between firing I often toss out a grenade to get some nice splash damage or if against another player a few smoke grenades or flash bombs render them blind long enough to mow'em down. A small price to pay for the extra advantage in my opinion.

My most recent purchase are the PLD-08 Pistols. I have been eyeing these pistols for a while because they simply look AMAZING! I finally broke down and picked them up and oh my god I am glad I did. Someone mentioned the aim was off.... in my opinion that person must have bad aim because these guns are dead accurate. They reload fast and pack a punch. With laser sites, extra ammo and silencers to complete the package these guns get 2 thumbs up!

I don't own all of the Fairlight products........ yet..... but I know that when my bank is full I'll be stopping by again and again to get more from this wonderful weapons designer. All I can say is... if you want top quality in both looks and performance then look no further than Fairlight Products.

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