Monday, December 8, 2008

Farewell to Okeanides

Well Linden Labs has slain yet another contributor to the SecondLife experience with their price hike on Open Sims. On January 1, 2009 Okeanides will close its portal for good.

Okeanides was the birth child of three very close friends. Freyakc, Stacia and Shayna often sat on the beach (usually topless) and dreamed of opening their own sim where people could shop, sail, fly, fish, swim, lounge and do just about anything their hearts desired. That dream was made a reality in August of 2008 when Okeanides was rezzed.
Okeanides ran successfully until one day a full sim owner acquaintance stopped by the sim to give the bad news that LL's was making major changes in order to get rid of the "abusers" of open sims. Not believing the news this person just delivered I ran to the thread she mentioned and read in utter disbelief.

Although open sims are slower and don't run as well as full sims they made it possible for people to create environments that were affordable. This lower price made it easier on merchants looking to get shop space at malls for low prices. This of course pissed off many many many full sim owners who frankly.... charge way too much for shop space.
Many open and even full sim owners are closing down and even leaving SL to join the othrsim based games. LL's has made a grave error but to be hones I don't think they care. Okeanides will be missed..... but life goes on. Be on the look out for the next project by this dynamic trio of sexy ladies.

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