Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Linden Labs Victim: Fairwell Sea and Sky

Last night was a sad night indeed. A sim that many people adored had its last party. I'm talkin' about Sea an Sky owned by three incredibly nice people... Leandrah "Andi" Whiteberry, Vicky Vielle and Lucy Bronet.

Sea and Sky (SNS) was a Sim that many of us called home. It was the neighboring Sim to Okeanides and the people who inhabited SNS were all very nice. They had a runway that I often used when flying and a super fun bar that I enjoyed nuking. I looked forward to the "waves fist in air" gestures of Andi as well as the pranks I would play like planting invisible bombs on her front door. *sigh*

So today I sailed my boat around the now empty islands of SNS. Another victim of the Linden Labs price gouging and unfair treatment. SNS is not the only sim to have been sunk by LL. Many Sim owner friends of mine have told me how they have been losing money on their investments and how they are closing Sim after Sim in SL. Is SL trying to "cash out"? Who knows.

So here I am floating in my boat over what use to be the very fun Boobie Bar. SNS..... you'll be missed.

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Freya said...

Great Blog - I will miss seeing Sea and Sky as I fly and sail. I will miss having friends so close. Sea and Sky really is the first place I would call my SL home. Andi, Vicky and the rest have always been an inspiration to me. Not having Sea and Sky is a reminder to me of how fragile existance in SL can really be.