Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Discovering MotorWorld

Anyone who knows me knows I am a Shopaholic. I loooooove to shop! Well I decided to go to one of my favorite clothing stores Avid to see some of the new releases I heard about. As I teleported in I noticed a beautiful Chopper parked near the front entrance. I couldn't take my eyes off it! It was beautiful! I clicked the bike out of curiosity and it gave me a note card (clever monkey) and I immediately read through it. I discovered that this work of art was created by Motor Loon and the card also had a landmark. "Well hell... I'm goin!" I thought to myself. I found myself in a sim called MotorWorld and was greeted not by a hostess but by friendly bikers. I asked someone to show me where the bikes were and was promptly shown the MLCC demo vendor. "WOW! You mean I get to test ride these beauties?" I said out loud. Soon I was clicking through the various styles of bikes and after some time narrowed it down to 2 bikes. I ended up getting the one I first saw at Avid which is called.... "BOMB". Well... it is indeed THE BOMB!

I took the bike home, unpacked it, followed the directions on how to adjust the seating so it fit my avatar just right, then teleported back to MotorWorld to drive my new bike. WOW! I'm in love! I ran a few laps around MotorWorlds open road but was soon IM'ed by the same guy that helped me pick my bike... Doug Kerang told me how to cut corners sharper and how to get more air on my jumps and so on. Pretty soon I wasn't crashing as much and after a while not at all. Thanks Doug.

Here's the cool part.... you'd expect bikers to be well.... bikers. You know, like the rude slobs you see in the movies. But no not here. Even though many of the people here dress like bikers they are are SUPER NICE! This is hands down one of the friendliest sims I have been to in a long time. Constant joke cracking, bike talk and more.

To further the experience my best friend Freyakc (who also started riding) told me she joined a group called "Regent Riders" which allows you to cross the border into Death Valley. Now this group costs $250 to join for a lifetime membership and I was a little dogdy about joining a group just to cross the sim border to another track. But one night Stacia and I took a chance and joined. Now let me tell you border crossing in SL hasn't changed much. It's still risky and you want to approach it slow to reduce the risk of crashing. The owner Melody Regent and staff knew this and put warning signs. Thanks Melody!

There are 6 sims in all to explore with tons of bike shops, clothing, toys and more. Some of the bike shops I visited are VBCC, BTB, The Bikers Gear Box (where I purchased new guns), CC Custom Choppers and the MLCC headquarters. They are all wonderfully talented builders and I look forward to hopefully test riding more of their bikes soon. If you have the time TP over to MotorWorld and check out each sim in the order in which they are laid. They are MotorWorld, Death Valley, Route 66, Sunset Crater, Mojave Desert and MLCC. And remember..... slow down at the sim borders!

If you are looking for super high quality bikes and great people to hang out with then look no further then MotorWorld and great makers like Motor Loon and Creep Wolff. You'll be glad you did!

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Melody said...

Wonderful post. Thank you for coming over and we are thrilled you enjoyed being here. Come back often, and say hi when you see us.