Wednesday, June 24, 2009


While hanging out at the MotorWorld sim and discussing various techniques for dispatching noob griefers my good friend Gully mentioned the GraveDiggers. Being a lover of weapons I excitedly asked for an LM and TP'ed over to buy them. And I'm glad I did!!!!

These guns are very well put together. They don't lag much at all and the bullets it comes with are absolutely sinister. Giving credit to the title in which the gun was aptly named. The HUD is also pretty easy to figure out and is placed in a position that can be clicked open and closed to enhance ones view.

The Targeting HUD is pretty interesting. Although not as fancy and hi-tech looking as the VX-7 Scorpions, it does what it was meant to do by giving an easy to understand readout of the target.

One feature that took me by surprise is the GraveDiggers Drone. The Drone is a bot that will follow you and provide extra features like shielding, nonphys, scanners, spy options, and weapons. I personally think of that as a nice little touch and rare among guns I have seen and used.

I would recommend these guns to just about anyone who needs a feature packed and powerful weapon for self defense against griefers and even for just plain old target practice. Very good stuff!

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