Friday, June 26, 2009

World Trade Center Memorial in SecondLife

I was in the middle of working on another review when sweet Melody Regent sends me an LM and says "Check this out when you get a chance." Seeing the name of the LM (WTC Memorial & Statue of Liberty, Voices Island (125, 140, 21) I dropped what I was doing and TP'ed right over. Now I never give too much real life info about myself but I will say this....... I was born and raised in New York City. So when I got to this sim I had my eyes wide open to basically be disappointed in yet another bad NYC sim. Well I was wrong and pleasantly surprised.

The designers of the sim did a great job with the look and feel of the city streets, buildings, allies and stores. They even added a quaint little park and a "Little China" style plaza. There is a very large Statue of Liberty behind The New York Public Library and the most noticeable section.... the World Trade Center "Ghost" Buildings.

I looked at these buildings and had to catch my breath. I started remembering what happened to my beloved NYC and the friends that lost their lives. I started thinking about all the families that lost loved ones and I have to tell you...... I had to walk away from the computer for a moment. When I got back I started looking at the giant slabs on the ground with all the names of the fallen victims and listened to the radio as each name was read. But I wasn't prepared for what was next......

In the distance I spotted what looked like a firehouse. I walked closer and saw a statue but couldn't quite see what it was exactly. As I approached and rounded the hedge I realized it was a statue of a fireman. I walked around the front of this statue and read the words of the Fireman's Creed engraved on the stone. I then turned around and read the words on the wall... "Dedicated to those who fell and those who carry on. May we never forget." At this point the tears streamed down my face.

After all that I decided to continue my tour on my motorcycle and parking here and there to check out various stores that caught my eye. I found myself unable to leave the sim. I guess you can say.... I was home.

I have to hand it to Melody yet again. She really knows how to capture the essence of a theme. Her team of builders consists of Talin Sands who built the Fireman and Statue of Liberty. Motor Loon and Talin Sands built the Library. Sunday Ayres who did the rest of the sim and layout. Hellfighter Solvang provided all the firehouse stuff and made the fire trucks just for the sim.

All I can say is if you want to experience a great sim then the World Trade Center Memorial & Statue of Liberty sim is the place to be. From the emotional memorials to the buzz of the city streets this place has it all. I'll be coming back...... see you there!

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Melody said...

I am the one that gathered up the team to make this sim what it was and sometimes in the bustle of building it and running it I get buried and forget why we have it.

Thank you for a wonderful post and reminder once more.

Reading it and your experience brings tears down my eyes still today.

Thank you hun, very much for this

Melody Regent
Regent Estates